Small White Lotus Buddha Water Fountain

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This is a beautiful indoor water fountain for home décor. Handicraft water fountain showpiece for home and office décor can be a beautiful gift item.

  • The water pouring in lotus from Buddha's hands mixed with multi-color lighting effect from built-in lights is suitable to make the atmosphere of your living space more harmonious and auspicious.
  • In the meditation pose, Buddha has both palms in his lap and his legs crossed in the lotus position. The face conveys calmness and peace and Buddha’s eyes are usually half-closed or fully closed. According to Vastu Shastra, meditating Buddha helps to create an aura of calmness.
  • Meditation Buddha statues, also known as the Dhyana Buddha statue or Zen Buddha statue, can be placed in the prayer room (north-east) or the garden. Ideally, place it wherever you can sit down to meditate or simply rest. Since the north-east is also ruled by water energy, the Buddha statue can be used along with a water element like a small water fountain for home.
  • Buddha’s placement in gardens is gaining popularity as the garden is a place for solace and relaxation. Placing Buddha statue in the garden or balcony brings calmness. Create a lovely green corner in the garden and place a Buddha statue to add a soothing feeling to the area. Keep it besides flowering plants.
  • Keeping the Buddha statues beside the fountain or as part of a fountain sprinkler, has a soothing effect on the surroundings. Tea light candles and lotus flowers symbolises peace and purity and can add to the tranquillity of the atmosphere. 
  • Place a reclining or meditating Buddha for inner peace. Always elevate the statue from the ground level and face it towards the east. Or place it in the north-east to stimulate the energy of the corner. Water energy rules the north-east zone. Hence, keeping the Buddha statue combined with the water element is recommended by Vastu Shastra.
  • Fountain with submersible LED - This fountain designed with a shining crystal ball and LED light, creates a soft reflection of the natural flow of fresh running Water. The illuminating glow creates a romantic ambiance and water flow keeps the crystal ball rolling.   

Vastu Recommended - Placing water objects within the house in the north east section can bring in good momentums through money and positive energy flow.  

Enjoy Peace and Positivity – The water fountain provides soothing relaxation and tranquillity. Listen to the sounds of a waterfall crashing down onto the tiers below as they gently rock you to sleep or bring you a comforting stress relief. Enjoy peace and positivity  


High Quality and Long Life - The indoor waterfall fountain made of high-quality sandstone construction ensures the durability of the desktop water fountain. Fountains are perfect for decorating any room and will add instant beauty to the surroundings.


Best Home Gifts - Our water fountain is suitable as a decoration in any room and also the best home gift for your parents, your grandparents, grandmother and grandfather or friends, let them de-stress anytime.


Easy To Use - The portable indoor water tabletop fountain is easy to use, just add water to the indoor waterfall fountain and plug in a standard power outlet. Then you can enjoy the soothing water effect of this indoor fountain, which is very suitable for decoration in any room. Interior pump keeps the water flowing — just plug it in!

Tips for caring for your water fountain​:


  • Be sure your fountain always has enough water (pump should always be covered with water).
  • Small fountains should be cleaned once very couple weeks. Simply empty the base and wipe clean and refill.
  • Recommended to use only mineral water and be sure to change water once in every 7-10 days.
  • Fountain pump cleaning: remove pump from fountain, rinse and clean with small brush (toothbrush works great), place back in fountain and refill.
  • This is an indoor fountain with an indoor rated electric plug, recommended to only use in covered area.
  • Use the pump regulator to adjust flow to your liking.
  • Check and tighten all electrical connectors at set up.
  • if you want the sound of water louder, you can add some pebbles to the bottom appropriately.
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