Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Scented Candles for your Home

Not only are scented candles considered the perfect way to fill your home with exquisite fragrances, but they also make for the perfect accessory for your spaces. However, when it comes to buying a candle, it is essential to find the best scent for you. Scented candles can fill your home with an irresistible fragrance that will linger. While there are many scent options available for you to identify the perfect scent for you, it is important to decide upon a scent that you love and is filling for your senses.

Identifying the Difference: Soy, Beeswax, and Paraffin Candles

There are different types of candle wax that are available in the market. And it is never an easy task to tell which one is right for your needs. Should you choose soy, beeswax or paraffin candles?  We hope this guide will help you identify the main differences between these candle types.

1. Soy

Soy wax candles are created from soybean oil. These candles have been in use since the 1990s. Soy wax is made with cleaned soybeans that are cracked and de-hulled before rolling them into flakes – from which the oil is extracted, which is later converted into the wax. Soy wax has a lighter fragrance and is slow to burn. Organic soy wax is made without using pesticides and is a more natural candle option.

2. Beeswax

For centuries, beeswax has been used to make scented candles. Beeswax candles can be dated back to the Ancient Egypt era. Beeswax candles are considered to be the purest type of candles that burn without smoke or soot. It is often blended with other types of wax like paraffin or coconut to create scented candles.

3. Paraffin

Paraffin candles are the most popular candle types that are available today. Made from crude oil, paraffin is the material that is left after oil is purified. Paraffin wax is bleached and coloured to make scented candles. These candles can hold strong fragrances, making them a popular choice of wax for many. Despite their popularity, paraffin wax candles burn with a number of different chemicals. However, low-quality paraffin wax candles can often leave traces of smoke on the ceiling or walls.

Types of Scented Candles for Different Smells

Scented candles are perfect to mask different smells in your home. If you have a busy kitchen or pets, the use of scented candles can help neutralise different odours and leave your home smelling fresh. Some scented candle ideas to combat different smells:

  • Lemon and citrus scents for the kitchen to create a fresh fragrance.
  • Pine and eucalyptus have a cleansing fragrance that makes them perfect for bathrooms.
  • Lavender and jasmine-scented candles are ideal to combat pet smells.
  • Peppermint-scented candles are ideal to boost focus and concentration, making them perfect for the home office.

Factors to take into Consideration


An enchanting fragrance can add to the atmosphere of your living space. When deciding upon the best candle scent, it is vital to consider the ambience that you wish to create. Is it romantic, playful, or peaceful?

There are different scents that can help amplify the environment and tie the elements together. With a delightful-smelling candle, you can also enhance the decor of your space. Let's understand the scents and the ambience they align with:

  • Eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, white tea: A serene atmosphere: 
  • Tropical fruit, lemon: A playful atmosphere
  • Cider, bergamot, pumpkin spice, or pine: A homey atmosphere
  • Musk, cedarwood, and rosewood: A rustic atmosphere
  • Rose, peony, and jasmine: A romantic atmosphere

Picking the right candle is likely to have a great influence on the outcome of the space as well as the overall mood. With UrbanCart you get to choose from many invigorating candle options that pair well with every occasion or mood.


It is always important to consider the occasion behind the scented candle purchase. This can play a big role in scent selection. Is the occasion a kids’ birthday gathering? Are you preparing for a game night with friends? Or perhaps planning a dinner party gathering for family.

Endless occasions call for a plethora of fragrance choices. Choosing the right candle scent is likely to make or break your function or shift the ambience of the space. Candles are a creative way that appeals to all five senses. Using scented candles helps accent your events or small gatherings.

Fragrance Type

When buying different types of scented candles, it’s a smart choice to purchase candles that match your scent profile along with your personal fragrance choices. It is easier to identify the preferred candle scents by exploring your personal preferences for lotions, perfumes, or other bodily fragrances. If you like lighter or airer scents, then opt for a floral scented candle. However, if you are searching for something outside your comfort zone, try scents that are a mix of your personal favourite scents with other fragrances. This helps you to play it safe and offers the options that you might end up enjoying.

Main Candle Scents and their Benefits

Flowers of India Scented Aroma Glass Jar Candles

Flowers of India Scented Aroma Glass Jar Candles

When selecting scented candles, there are a lot of distinct scents to choose from. While certain brands invent their own scents like UrbanCart, others often opt for common fragrances that can be found with most candle manufacturers. Scented jar candles also have wonderful aromatherapy benefits. The main candle scents are as follows:

  • Marathi Mogra: Distributes lovely fragrance that creates a calm and serene ambience
  • Gwalior Ka Gulab: Helps ease anxiety and promotes relaxation
  • Nainital Ka Brahma Kamal: Refreshens the room with its rich and floral aroma.
  • Chamomile: Calm anxious thoughts and promotes sleep
  • Patchouli: Rejuvenates the environment with a pleasant fragrance
  • Jasmine: Offers a soothing scent that helps promotes relaxation, and acts as an aphrodisiac
  • Lemon: Help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Mint: Offers a cooling sensation that can relieve anxiety and boost focus
  • Aloe Vera: Enriches your environment with fresh and subtle scents 
  • French Vanilla: Creates a warm and relaxing ambience with a sweet scent
  • Shea Butter: Offers a calming and delightful fragrance.

Wrapping Up: Matching the Season with Candle Fragrance

One of the best ideas to base your choice on when selecting the candle is to consider which season is your favourite. Pick a scent that resembles your favourite season is another excellent way to find the best scent for you or your loved ones. If you are a fan of relaxing summer months, you can try choosing bright citrus-scented candles. The associated scent will bring you back to your happier mind space.

Winter Seasons of India Scented Aroma Smokeless Jar Candle

Winter Seasons of India Scented Aroma Smokeless Jar Candle

When deciding on a candle scent, it is helpful to narrow down the scent pallet. This will help in finding a scent that is seasonally appropriate as well as that appeals to your senses. If it’s spring, you can opt for a floral scent that is sweet and airy. For fall, you can consider brisk and warm scents such as cinnamon spice or amber musk. Winter scents can be cranberry which is not only refreshing but also adds to the bright holiday feeling.

However, you do not always have to match the scent to the season. If you are starting your journey to become a candle lover, this is the best way to pick the perfect candle.

Finding the right candle scent for your home or any other space is simple. Just think about the ambience that you wish to create, the atmosphere to establish, fragrance preferences, and the season when the candle will be most frequently. These factors will help you determine which scented candle is most suitable for your space and the types of scents you prefer.

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