Top 10 Health Benefits of a Rocking Chair

Many of us suffer from ailments that come with age, like arthritis, insomnia, poor blood circulation, and stiff joints. Here, to relieve pressure and alleviate pain, a good old-fashioned rocking chair might be just what you need! 

There are a lot of benefits of rocking chairs. It can provide an abundant amount of exercise and help stimulate blood circulation. It can also help maintain muscle tone and alleviate joint stiffness for seniors who don’t get much exercise. 

Additionally, it can help combat insomnia by lulling an individual to sleep with its gentle back and forth motion. Rocking chairs also provide a better posture with their sturdy backs and ergonomic design. What’s more, they’ve been in existence for over 200 years! 

A] What is a Rocking Chair - A Brief History

A rocking chair, also known as an old-aged chair, is a type of chair that has two curved bands attached to the bottom of the legs, connecting the legs on each side to one another. 

Rocking chairs are an American invention that emerged in the 1700s. But, its design was derived from rocking cradles dating back to olden times. Intended to be used as outdoor furniture originally, the rocking chair quickly transitioned to being a beloved piece of indoor furniture. It was mostly used by seniors and by mothers to make their babies fall asleep. 

Presently, rocking chairs can be found in all types of designs and a variety of materials like plastic and metal. However, nothing can beat the classic wooden rocking chair or the relaxing chair for old person, as it's sometimes called.


B] Health Benefits of a Rocking Chair

  • Helps with Arthritis and Back Pain

Arthritis is a painful condition that worsens over time. The rocking movement of the chair can help ease the achy and dull pain of arthritis and help circulate oxygen & blood to the joints. Also, if you’ve had a long day, you can just put your feet up and watch your favourite television show on a rocking chair while it soothes the arthritis pain.

Backache is uncomfortable, especially when it's chronic. However, rocking is a natural way to help ease the symptoms of back pain, as the rocking motion increases blood flow throughout the back. Also, it has been noted that the rocking movement of a rocking chair blocks the pain impulses from reaching the brain, which allows the brain to relax. 

  • Provides Relaxation

The rocking motion of the rocking chair releases endorphins - a hormone that helps reduce stress and enhances mood. Rocking creates a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity, which is why most individuals like to drink a morning tea or  coffee while reading a book on a rocking chair.

  • Calms newborn babies

Rocking chairs are the most common addition to all nurseries as they help calm newborn babies. The gentle motion of the rocking chair can lull the baby to sleep faster, especially when they are up for their nightly feeding. The smooth, arching motion of the chair also helps enhance the feelings of relaxation and increases parent-child bonding. 

  • Helps with insomnia

The rocking motion of the chair is not only good for newborns, but also adults battling insomnia as it can help induce sleep. So, the next time you're restless and unable to fall asleep naturally, try relaxing on a rocking chair, and you'll be sleepy in no time.

  • Helps with dementia

Side effects of dementia include reduced concentration, confusion, changes in behaviour, withdrawal from activities, inability to complete tasks, and memory problems. These symptoms can be difficult to manage, and studies show that seniors suffering from dementia show a positive response to rocking chairs. 

  • Improves blood circulation

Having a healthy working circulatory system helps fight off cardiovascular diseases. It also reduces inflammation, enhances heart health, and keeps you active. The benefits of a rocking chair include the optimal working of the circulatory system, which helps improve blood circulation. Plus, it helps reduce pain.

  • Improves mental state

Rocking is often a relaxing activity for many because it releases endorphins in the brain, which improves mood and reduces stress. A rocking chair produces a calming feeling of nostalgia and happiness. It may even help relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression because of its sensory qualities.

  • Acts as light exercise

Exercising for senior citizens who have arthritis or joint pain is difficult. A good solution for the same is a rocking chair. Simple rocking chair exercises can help strengthen muscles and loosen stiff joints without much force or exertion. Senior citizens can also carry out their favourite hobbies like reading a book or knitting while gently rocking in their chairs.

  • Improves balance

Senior citizens who have health conditions like Parkinson's disease can also benefit from rocking chairs. The body works to naturally balance itself as the chair swings while rocking. Thus, a rocking chair can help an older person improve balance and increase stability. This, in turn, can help them become more independent.

  • Benefits to nursing mothers

A rocking chair is more of a medical device than a piece of furniture. It can be used by people of all ages, especially nursing mothers. Sitting in a rocking chair while breastfeeding or during playtime can help enhance the mother-child bond. It is also an excellent choice for mothers to soothe their babies, as the gentle rocking motion can help calm the baby and lull him/her to sleep.


A good, high-quality rocking chair serves the purpose of improving both physical as well as mental health. They are not only functional and stylish but also provide  numerous health benefits for all - be it a child, an adult, or an elderly person. From a home décor perspective, these classic chairs can add a touch of nostalgia and tradition to a household filled with modern furniture. So, browse through the many relaxing rocking chair options available on UrbanCart and make a purchase today!

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