Types of Lounge Chairs (And How To Pick The Right One)
The best lounge chairs offer two great benefits. It functions as a decorative piece in your living room, helping you make a bold statement. It also gives you a comfortable place where you can retire for calm and solace at the end of each day. Lounge chairs are the epitome of luxury-aesthetic and relaxation. They are extremely comfortable and can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance.


Olivia Leather Upholstered Lounge Armchair Chair


Reasons to Invest in Lounge Chairs

Following are the reasons you must consider before investing in a lounge chair that both suits your style and is in-sync with your room décor.

  • If your home décor needs a contemporary upgrade, invest in a lounge chair to spruce up the space. They are truly timeless, and the availability of varied modern lounge chairs makes it easy to choose one based on your needs and requirements.
  • Modern lounge chairs don't only look splendid, but they are also made with the best material, which makes them durable.
  • The varied design ensures that you can pick a lounge chair with or without an armrest or a headrest. Some lounge chairs also come with an additional footrest.
  • Lounge chairs provide proper backrest and support, making sure the body posture is well-aligned. If you are expecting to use the chair for a longer duration, this one is the perfect choice to ensure optimal back support.
  • Most lounge chairs are made from wood and bamboo or come with a wood grain appearance. Since the material used is mostly wood, lounge chairs have a really long lifespan.
  • Lounge chairs are comfortable sitting chairs that not only offer great functionality but also provide proper comfort and rest. 

A comfortable lounge chair can match the aesthetics of any room or design pattern. Owing to their versatility, they can be placed in the corner of the room, in the centre of your room, or as a side decoration in your hall. You can also include them in your office, nursery, or living room. This adds the necessary aesthetics and decoration to your home lounge, making it more beautiful and appealing. 

Types of Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are considered modern chairs for home with a timeless appeal. There are typically two types of lounge chairs that you can choose from. Based on the design and versatility, you can pick either of these lounge chairs for your room.

1. Vintage Lounge Chair Design

Alexa Armrest Lounge Chair with foot rest

Vintage lounge chair designs are expertly crafted and designed. While some of these chairs are made up of leather-upholstered cushions cradled in plywood-carved shells, others are a genuine work of art, for example, the coveted vintage lounge chair called Barcelona chair designed by famous architect Mies Van der Rohe.

If you are looking for a vintage lounge chair online, then you can check out the Isabella Lounge Chair with Armrest, which defines chic and comfort. Another option in the vintage category is the Alexa Armrest Lounge Chair with a footrest. This is excellent for the living room as well as the bedroom.

2. Chaise Lounge Chairs

Chaise chair is a hybrid lounge chair, a combination of a modest chair and sofa. These seats replicate images of ancient Egyptian gods and their recliners in the 19th century. Today, they are often used as a centerpiece for a therapist or doctor’s office. But, they are not restricted to a professional set-up and can be a great addition to your home or office. 

How to choose the best lounge chair?

 The right lounge chair could be chosen based on multiple parameters. Every room would require a unique lounge chair. However, the beauty of the lounge chair is its versatility. This ensures that a lounge chair can be placed anywhere, and it wouldn’t diminish the aesthetics of the room.


 Given below are certain parameters that you can consider while picking a lounge chair for your room.

1. Based on your style

The style of your room largely determines the type of lounge chair design you should select. An art-deco-styled polyester fabric recliner will look terribly out of place if you have a formal living room. Similarly, if your room has a relaxing vibe, a leather lounge chair with a wooden frame will leave everyone wondering how that ended up in your home. 

That said, comfortable lounge chairs tend to be very style-specific. It is fairly easy to accommodate home lounge chairs for your room based on style alone. A chair might fit stylistically but may utterly fail in functionality if not coordinated properly. These two are big deciding factors alongside one other for the best fit. 

2. Based on the colour and upholstery of your lounge chair

Colour is another factor in deciding your lounge chair design. It’s a good idea to look for lounge chairs that are available in many colours & designs instead of getting your heart set on a particular style, which is rather common. 

A polished wooden finish is almost always a great fit for any room.  If you are unsure of a colour, a wooden finish is a great way to check this requirement off your list. Upholstery is the fabric your lounge chair is crafted from. This can be leather, cotton, microfibers, or a blend of fibers.  

3. Based on the size and space of your room

The size of your room and the availability of space are other deciding factors. Choosing a chair that is too small or too big will mismatch horribly and make your room look off-balanced. So, consider the size and space to pick the best lounge chair. 

To sum up 

Selecting a beautiful lounge chair is an easy way to add style and create a visually appealing spot in any room. Much more than just an extra place to sit, a lounge chair can pull a room’s design together entirely.  Although lounge chairs are plentiful and available in numerous styles and colour options, choosing the correct one to complement your room and vibe is important.
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