Important Vastu Tips to Place Ganesha Idol at Home

Lord Ganesha, the God of happiness, prosperity, and health, is one of the most auspicious deities. There is a lot of emphasis on worshipping Lord Ganesha in the  Indian tradition, especially before every auspicious event. However, homeowners often forget the tradition of installing Lord Ganesha’s idol at home. The right idol placed correctly helps attract an abundance of wealth and good health. He is also the remover of obstacles.

If you are planning to bring Ganesha home, then we hope that the below-mentioned Vastu tips will assist you in planning and placing the idols to make a difference. The right placement will further help you witness a positive transformation in your life.

Ganesha Idol for Home

The God of prosperity, lord Ganesha brings along with him good luck and success. However, many people miss out on the importance of placing Ganesha’s idol in the right place and direction. When placing a religious idol in your home, do you follow the right placement in the right direction? If not, then you must consult a Vastu consultant to understand where an idol should be placed at your house. The right placement helps to bring prosperity and wisdom, and bless your family with the goodness of work. 

A Hindu deity, lord Ganesh is worshipped in a variety of ways. However, so are other deities. In most homes, you’ll also come across a collection of idols including  Laxmi idol and  Shiva idol. Simply placing these idols together isn’t enough, you have to understand the vasthu for placing lord Ganesha's idol and other idols.

Lord Ganesh brings with him a variety of individualised religious beliefs. Lord Ganesha is revered, and every idol or shape represents a different religion. The idols, placed at home, protect their followers from a variety of life's difficulties.

Vastu Tips: Choosing the Right Ganesha Idol

Vastu Tips: Choosing the Right Ganesha Idol

A Ganesha Idol can be installed in many ways at home or in office space. One of them is placing a Ganesha Murti just opposite the home entrance. It is advisable to put Ganesha idols in pairs facing different sides. It is equally important to make sure that the idols are never kept facing other rooms with their backside. You can buy Ganesha Idol from UrbanCart at a reasonable price.

Always purchase a Ganesha Idol whose trunk faces the left direction as idols with right-facing trunks require more care and attention. A Ganesha idol that faces the left is known as Vastu Ganesha. The idol assists in solving most of the Vastu-related problems. It is important to understand the traditions and customs when placing a Ganesha idol to ward off evil. From idol placement to orientation, everything should be as per Vastu Shastra. 

Which Colour of Ganesha Idol is Good as per Vastu?

Lord Ganesha south indian treditional idol made of Soft stone

As per Vastu experts and Vastu shastra, a white colour Ganesha idol for home is considered a perfect choice for occupants who desire peace and prosperity in their homes. People who are desirous of self-growth should install a vermillion-coloured Ganesh murti in their homes. A white Ganesha idol draws wealth, happiness, and prosperity. However, the back of the deity/idol should always face the outside of the house.

Lord Ganesha is often depicted as wearing red and yellow clothes. And Ganesha's colour in golden form is regarded as auspicious. Today, many people prefer installing Ganesh wallpaper or wall murals in their homes. This is an excellent idea to adorn the puja room in the home. But Vastu guidelines should always be followed when implementing these decor ideas.

Placing Lord Ganpati at Home: Best Direction

When placing Ganesha idols at home, it is important to consider the energies in different directions that are favourable. Vastu experts advise that the west, north, and northeast directions are the best places in the home to install lord Ganesh's idols or images at home. 

All Ganpati photos in the home should face the north direction, as the direction is believed to be where Lord Shiva lives, who is Ganesha’s father. The Ganesha murti can also be installed at the main door, facing inside. When placing Lord Ganesha images, the image should be facing the main entrance of the home.

Types of Ganesha Idol for your Home 

Ganesha idol for home


Silver Ganesha Fame

Brass Ganesha

Prosperity and joy

Wood Ganesha

Good health and longevity

Crystal Ganesha

Removes Vastu dosha

Turmeric idol

Brings good luck

Copper Ganesha

Brings luck to couples planning to start a family of their own

Cow dung Ganesha

Attracts good fortune and good vibes

Ganesha idol of mango, peepal, and neem leaves

Positive energy and good luck

Placing Ganpati idol at Home: Guidelines 

There are many reasons why people place a Ganesha statue in their homes. However, there are some dos and don'ts that need to be aware of. When installing a Ganesha idol at home, the following locations should be avoided: 

  • Residence Garage 
  • Laundry area 
  • Bathrooms

When placing the Ganesha idol at home, avoid these places. As per Vastu experts, installing a Ganesha idol in a garage is deemed unlucky as these rooms have unfavourable energies. Ganesh murti should not be placed under staircases or near bathrooms. Vacant areas in the home are considered unlucky to place any god idol. There are a lot of negative energies below staircases, making it an unsuitable place for installing any Vastu item.

Few Tips to Remember:

  • Large-stomach Ganesh idols help absorb harmful energies.
  • A large head resembles large-scale thinking.
  • Tiny eyes help with concentration.
  • A lengthy trunk helps retain flexibility.
  • The four arms of the Ganpati Murti represent the four qualities - mind, ego, intellect, and conscience.
  • The fractured tusk specifies the ethnicity of a wise person and the single tusk resembles single-pointedness.

When installing a Ganpati murti for the home, it is recommended to place just one idol in a single room. And it is equally important for the person to be interested in both material and spiritual areas. While we have satisfactorily provided answers to your question regarding which ganesha idol is good for home, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. 


1. Can you place Lord Ganesha at the entrance?

This depends on the type of Ganesha idol that you wish to place at the entrance. 

2. Which direction should the Ganesha idol face?

Ganpati idols should be placed in the north, northeast, east or west direction.

3. Which Ganesha idol to place on a work desk?

A standing Ganesha idol in the workplace helps in bringing enthusiasm to work.

4. Why is Durva offered to Ganesha?

Durva grass has a cooling effect on the body and has healing properties. Durva holds the power to attract the positive energies of Lord Ganesha.

5. Where to avoid placing a Ganesha idol or image?

As per Vastu experts, it is advisable to never place a Ganesha idol in the bedroom, bathroom or a Ganesh picture on a wall that is attached to a bathroom. The best place to place Ganesha idols is the home entrance.

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