Which one is better? Office Chair With vs Without Arms

Office chairs are primarily vital for a healthy posture. And a healthy posture is when the spine is properly aligned. This promotes greater overall comfort along with the benefit of improved concentration. High quality office chairs render endurance through long hours of work for which people are required to remain seated. 

However, the never-ending debate about the various office chairs online in India is about which ones are better; one with arms or one without arms.

Why is it important to have the perfect office chair?

A good office chair renders proper lumbar and pelvic support. This result in the back muscles being less stressed. Unfortunately, not many chairs offer adequate support, and combined with long hours of sitting down at work, explains why people who sit all day have just as much to complain about lower back pain as the people who pursue their tasks standing all day.

The more we sit, the higher the risk of herniated discs and other back troubles. Hence, it is crucial to have the perfect office chair to work comfortably without the risk of back problems in the long run.  

What is an office chair without arms?

Office chair without armrest or armless chairs can harm your back because it doesn’t render support which causes your arms and body to lean forward or slouch. This becomes an issue for most office workers and leaning forward for long periods can make you lose lumbar support, produce back pain, and curve your spine.

If your office chair is one without arms, all you have is an average traditional chair.

What is an office chair with arms?

Diego Workstation Office Chair - Black

Office chairs with armrests offer adequate support to the upper torso, shoulder, and neck. These chairs prevent unnecessary slouching and leaning forward and help remove fatigue by reducing stress on the shoulders and neck muscles.  

Office chair with arms or armrests helps maintain a natural spine posture and is ideal for working conditions wherein most of the tasks require a person to remain seated. 

What is the difference between office chairs with arms and without?

There are a lot of basic yet key differences between office chairs with armrest and without armrest; listed in this comprehensive table: 

Office chairs with arms

Office chairs without arms

Office chair with armrest are ergonomic Office chairs without arms are less ergonomic than ones with arms 
The arm support helps you get in and out of the chair easily. Since these do not have arms, you get no extra support for getting out of the chair.
Office chairs with arms relieve stress on the shoulders, neck, and arms. Office chairs without arms cannot relieve stress on the shoulders, neck, and arms and instead cause you to slouch.
With these chairs, you can only sit in one position Office chairs without arms give you the flexibility to sit in any position.
Office chairs with arms relieve muscular discomfort if used properly Office chairs without arms can cause muscular discomfort of arms and elbows.
Office chair with arms render support for your elbows to rest  Office chair without arms do not provide any support for the resting of elbows.
Office chairs with armrests promote good posture and low risk of back pain  Office chairs without arms do not promote proper seating posture and render risk of back ache 
You might face trouble sliding office chair with arms under the work desk Office chairs without arms can easily slide in and out of the work desk 

Which office chair is better?

Office chairs with armrests are better! They offer more relaxation and flexibility than regular chairs or ones without an armrest. Moreover, they also render support so that you can rest your elbows and maintain a good body posture which significantly reduces the risk of back pain. Furthermore, office chairs without an armrest can cause muscular discomfort as well.

Having support for your arms to hold them while working is an important feature. Not only does it reduce muscle strain and releases some load off your back, but underarm support also helps you get more strength and energy to carry out the job you need to do.

Iris High Back Executive Boss Chair with PVC Leather and Aluminium Base

Why should you use an armrests:

  • Relieves the pressure on your neck, shoulders, and arms.
  • Helps you to promote good postures.
  • Assists in alleviating stress on your back by reducing a significant percentage of your body weight.
  • Helps to alleviate stress on the lower limbs. Moreover, it helps to facilitate rising from a chair.
  • It makes so to prevent excessive pressure on the seat.
  • Stabilize your body posture, which helps you to do your work.

Moreover, armrests don’t just affect your back and arms. They also relieve the heavy load off your neck and shoulders. This makes you feel more comfortable, and you can avoid the laziness that comes with your work. The main advantage of these chairs is to promote a solid posture and reduces the stress on your lower limbs and back.

In other words, you can also use the armrests to stand or sit down. It might seem like a tiny thing in context, but using that support can help you move faster and more comfortably. It is ideal if you need to move frequently from one place to another.

Sometimes, basic functions like getting up from your chair or sitting can be challenging for older people, pregnant women, and those suffering from other physical issues. If you possess a chair that has arms, it provides extra comfort and support and allows you to hold onto them when you want to get up from your seat.


We hope this blog helps settle the debate about office chairs with or without arms. It is essential to understand that you must always have armrests on your office chair as they correct your overall posture and make you feel more active when working. 

Armchairs often come with the adjustability, which helps you customize the lumbar support, height, and neck support according to the characteristics of your body.

You can check out the various types of office chairs such as leather chairs, boss chairs, executive chairs, and so on. You can even check out this blog - Different Types of Office Chairs to see some of the best chairs in the market that render great lumbar support in addition to sleek designs. 

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