Different Types of Office Chairs and Their Ergonomics

Are you sitting at your office desk for prolonged hours?

Are you aware of the significant health risks of sitting in your work areas week after week? Sitting down for longer durations hurts both your mental and physical health. If you aren't using an ergonomic or comfortable chair, you would have to face the aftermath of sitting on an uncomfortable chair for a long period.

An ergonomic office chair isn’t just a luxury product it is a necessity for those who work long hour at the office. It helps maintain proper posture, offers comfort, boosts efficiency, reduces muscle stress, and provides mobility & portability. So while choosing a chair for your office, select an ergonomic office seat that matches your style and the whole office ambience.

So read this blog to learn the different types of office chairs.

Types Of Office Chairs and Their Ergonomics

1. Executive Office Chairs - The Boss Chair

Executive Office Chairs - The Boss Chair

Executive chairs in the office are usually an icon – their height and quality convey authority. In other words, it is a boss’s chair. It commands power with its tall, elegant padded back and sturdy arms and is created from superior materials. It feels just like a throne sitting on such a chair and a great signal to show everyone who is in charge.

2. Sit-Stand Office Chairs - The Artist’s Chair

Sit-stand chairs and stools allow you to move your weight and rest occasionally while standing. They are well-known in workplaces where you are required to be on your feet. An example is architects, fashion designers, bankers, and so on. These chairs are beneficial as they support your bottom as you incline backwards. You can also adjust the height of a sit-stand chair as per your comfort. 

3. Leather Office Chairs - The Classy Chair

Augusto Executive Boss Chair PVC Leather Upholstered with Aluminium Base - Red

Leather chairs support critical regions of the body by forming their shape with their unique design and heavy cushioning. They are created to fit the cutting-edge work environment requirements. Leather is a sturdy and durable material, thus, they are proven to be an investment as they last for a longer duration. They also have their own charm and give off a classy vibe.

4. Ergonomic Office Chairs - The Comfortable Chair

Oliver Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Seat Height- White

An ergonomic chair is one of a kind that is mostly used in an office. The reasoning behind this is that, individuals spend a lot of time at work, and they should be comfortable while working. The ergonomic chairs do cost a bit more than the regular chairs. However, they offer comfort and customizable features that allow employees in an office to maintain the right posture while being productive at work. Thus, it is better to invest in these chairs to prevent disorders like back pain, and poor posture & blood circulation.

5. Saddle Office Chairs - The Easy Accessibility Chair

Saddle-sitting preserves your spinal as you sit for long hours at your desk even when you bend forward. When you sit on a saddle chair, your legs are free to move. Turning around, moving about, and reaching out for things is now easy, quick, and safe, almost gymnastic.

6. Mesh Office Chairs - The Breathable Chair

Spidy Executive Mesh High Back Office Chair with Aluminium Base

Mesh office chairs provide comfort through their ventilated back structure. They're a modern take on the old chair, and also help you stay less tired as they offer breathability. They do not cause any discomfort as they do not absorb water or moisture. Mesh chairs have a minimal design and are easy to maintain & portable. If you spill your food or drink on the chair, you can easily wash them and dry them in the sun. 

7. Swivel Office Chairs - The Revolving Chair

A swivel office chair comes with tough wheels and a good swivel mechanism. They are good as they make you feel light and comfortable. It is a great option for a traditional office space with a casual, rustic air. In case you suffer from lower back pain, this type of office chair will relieve any pressure when you need to move around whilst sitting.

8. Big and Tall Office Chairs - The 24-Hour Chair

This type of chair is resilient. It can withstand many hours of use. It was created to support workers in high-stress jobs,24-hour job environments, and so on. They offer adjustability from armrests, lumbar, seat depth, and chair height. They are specifically designed to last all through the night and day.

9. Drafting Office Chairs - The Active People’s Chair

Drafting Chairs are ideal for people who work with their hands. This is because they are ergonomically designed to provide support and comfort to their users. Active people or people who do a lot of handwork at their desks can benefit from the comfort of drafting chairs. You can have different armrest preferences in your office based on your desired position. This is great for those who work on big and tiring projects regularly.

10. Balance Ball Chairs - The Exercise Chair

Sitting on an activity ball can help you work on your stability, as you must continually connect with the core abdominal muscles to stay upright. These yoga ball chairs comprise a giant inflatable ball with a safe base at the bottom. They also come with a backrest to mimic the traditional office chair design. On a side note, a stronger core helps protect the lower back and promotes better posture.

Choosing the right chair models for office

Make these changes today to synchronize your workstation, office chair, and your posture to help relieve unwanted pressure on your muscles, spine, and other joints. If you end up in the market to purchase another chair, think about the above tips and cautiously concentrate on the chair's height, width, depth, armrests, backrest, lumbar support, and swivel.

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