Elegant & Unique House - Warming Gift Ideas for an Indian Home

Moving to a new home is the beginning of an exciting journey that deserves cheer and celebration. If you’re invited to a housewarming party, last-minute gift jitters, and running around to find just the perfect gift is normal, and we are here to help you with the same!

House warming ceremony gifts make a home complete; they are thoughtful and are always cherished by the owners. The ideal housewarming gifts are beautiful and add to the aesthetics of one’s home. To avoid being the one who brings a repetitive gift to their friend's and family's house, you can check out our unique collection of home decor

Should house warming gifts be practical or decorative?

Housewarming gifts for an Indian family should be a touch of both practical and decorative. Gifting strictly practical housewarming gifts will render it to become a part of the crockery closet or in the cupboard of everyday use, probably because the owners have already stocked up on all things practical. 

While a decorative housewarming gift that is practical as well, will adorn the home and add to its aesthetics along with being of utility. 

Today the perfect housewarming gift is a combination of practical and decorative. 

However, it is equally imperative to find something that doesn’t go out of your budget. This makes looking for a beautiful housewarming gift an extremely difficult task. 

10 best affordable gift ideas for house warming ceremony:

1. Scented Aroma Candles:

Winter Seasons of India Scented Aroma Smokeless Jar Candles

Scented Aroma Candles make for amazing gifts for housewarming ceremonies. They carry great meaning as they imply the beautiful message of “May the light make way for you even in the darkest of times”. The warmth of a scented aroma candle offers a sense of support and love while the luminous light of a candle provides a feeling of optimism.

Moreover, scented aroma candles create a special atmosphere in the room and are made with regard to specifically reducing tension with their relaxing aroma. These candles create a cocooning atmosphere and ideally find their place amongst the interior decoration of any house owing to their purified designs. 

2. Flower vases

Chic Ceramic Vase for Elegent Decoration of Home, Wedding Centerpices, Party décor, Café, Office. (White)

A perfect example of décor and utility, flower vases render beauty to the room they are kept in and are essentially used for keeping flowers which brighten up a room with their freshness. Flower vases never go out of style and attract the eye even if kept in the corner of a room. Moreover, they can be kept in any spot or even the centre table, implying no place is wrong when it comes to keeping a flower vase!

Gifting a big or small vase is up to you and your understanding of the space of the new house. Flower vases are known to exude life into the room with their beauty, in addition to which they carry the grandeur of flowers in them. 

3. Wall clocks:

24 inch Wall Clock of Pure Metal Retro with Heavy Duty Decorative Rustic design for Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Office. (Black)

Wall clocks make for the perfect housewarming gift for an Indian family as they symbolize the coming of good times that one wishes them with. They can be kept on the mantel or hung on the wall, and they render a very basic yet necessary utility. Imagine a 24 inch watch hanging in your living room, it adds to the beauty of the room as it stands out against the wall’s colour.

4. Mugs:

Everyone has the habit to relish morning tea or coffee and what better than gifting beautiful mugs as housewarming gifts. You can gift personalized mugs or ones with subtle, beautiful designs.

5. Table lamps:

Ideal for bedside tables or tables in general, table lamps not only illuminate the setting but also render utility. Table lamps make for beautiful house warming gifts and you needn’t go beyond UrbanCart to find some for the next housewarming party. 

6. Picture frames:

A reminder of the happiest times is set in a photograph. This makes picture frames a very thoughtful housewarming gift. Available in several prints, designs, and materials, picture frames depict the personalized element of thoughtfulness. It is such housewarming gifts that make a home! 

7. House plants:

Succulents and money plants have entered the list of beautiful gift ideas for housewarming ceremonies in India and are ideal even for people who won’t make the best of plant parents. These house plants not only clear the air but also make the room look more vibrant.

8. Mini water fountains:

Mini water fountains add positive energy and beautify the home. Additionally, they are feng shui approved, and you can add them to your list of prospective housewarming gifts for the Indian home.

9. Wall hangings:

Wall hangings seamlessly blend into the design of a home and enhance the beauty of the room they are a part of. We have just the right combination of craftsmanship and contemporary designs to uplift the house's aura. So don't think twice before choosing a wall hanging as a gift for house warming ceremony.

10. Rugs:

The notion behind gifting rugs as housewarming gifts is to bring a touch of interior decoration with utility. They can be used in multiple rooms and also add a vintage aura to the room. The colours and patterns of rugs make for beautiful decorations, and with its touch of comfort, it makes for the perfect housewarming gift.

11. Religious  Idols:

Lord Ganesha Colorful reading Idol made of Pure Brass - 7.5 x 13 x 15.5 Inch, 11.5 Kg

You can also opt for religious idols, which are classic and evergreen housewarming gifts. Ideal for all homes and oozing positivity, religious idols symbolize blessings and make for beautiful housewarming gifts for the Indian home.


Gifts for house warming ceremony must be such that they remind the house owners about your thoughtfulness while adding to the beauty of their house. They should depict your individuality while seamlessly blending into their home. 

At UrbanCart, you will find the best housewarming gifts for whatever décor or utility you have in mind. Our wide and varied collection will not only help you find the best gifts for a new home ceremony but also tempt you to buy some for yourself! 

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