Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Schools & Kindergartens

Kindergarten and schools are fantastic places for children to learn and grow. Playing outdoors plays a huge part in this. If you take a look at most playgrounds, you'll mostly see them covered with natural grass or concrete. Natural grass is all good until it wears thin and muddy with heavy usage. Hard concrete, on the other hand, is not the most exciting surface for kids to play on. They could end up injuring themselves. Thus the next option is to utilise artificial grass on playgrounds at schools. There are several benefits to adding artificial grass to the play area. Continue reading this blog to learn some interesting benefits of artificial grass.

A] What is artificial grass?

Let's get a basic understanding of artificial grass. It is made of synthetic fibres to look like natural grass. Artificial grass is constructed in the same way as a carpet. The blades of the artificial grass come in different heights and come with solid backing. With advanced technology, artificial playground grass looks as realistic as real grass. 

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B] How is artificial grass better than real grass?

Here are some reasons why artificial grass is better than natural grass:

  • One should never neglect the grass in playgrounds as it will cost even more to be tidied up. The best way to constantly maintain your lawn is by switching to artificial turf. 
  • Artificial grass is low maintenance as it doesn't require water, mowing, or fertilisers.
  • Artificial grass is always picture perfect as the blade remains the same height and colour year-round. You can opt for artificial turf if you're looking for the perfect artificial grass in play schools.
  • Recycled tires are not biodegradable. To keep them out of landfills, they are used to create artificial grass. This is quite beneficial for the environment as it gives used plastic a whole new purpose.  

C] Top 7 benefits of installing artificial grass in kindergartens and schools

Artificial turf for playgrounds is used mainly due to safety reasons. As artificial turf is extremely tough and safe, it is the best option while making a surface for children to play on. The top 10 benefits of using artificial turf or grass in kindergarten are the following:

1. Keeps kid’s knees safe

As children in kindergarten always keep moving around or playing, the chances of getting hurt are more. Because it's soft and feels like regular grass, children won't scrape their knees and elbows if they fall on it while playing. Furthermore, children can carefree roll about in artificial grass without getting pieces of the grass on their skin or becoming itchy. Safety provided through sports turf encourages users to continue using the same.

2. Bare minimum maintenance required

Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance. It is also stain-resistant and does not create muddy footprints. So your children won't be getting mud back to the house. All you need to do is occasionally rinse the lawn to remove dust and bush the blades to keep them fluffy and uptight. It doesn't even need to be watered or mowed. However, you occasionally need to clean it to prevent the growth of bacteria. The maintenance cost or components required for artificial turf for playgrounds is extremely minimal when compared to real grass. Sports turf for any kind of sports can be seen in any place as it is prioritized over the real grass playgrounds.

3. It is long-lasting

One of the main reasons for choosing artificial turf over natural grass is its durability feature. The use of quality components while manufacturing artificial turf helps it to maintain its freshness for a long time which can vary from time to time.

4. Avoids mites and insects

In real grass, there is a high probability to see different types of creatures including insects and mites which can be avoided by using artificial turf for playgrounds in kindergarten. 

5. Easy cleaning

Since there is no need for watering, mowing, weeding, and so on, cleaning of artificial turf is considered as an occasional process. Low maintenance is one of the important advantages of artificial turf which make users to continue use it. 

6. Durable material

Durable nylon fibres, plastic, etc are used while making playground artificial turf which can handle lots of use, and hence it does not lose its freshness even after using it for some time.

7. Aesthetically pleasing

The natural look and feel provided through using artificial turf for playground helps children to stay connected to nature in a safe and secure manner. You can also modify and alter existing playground layouts to make them more aesthetically pleasing. It can also be used for other things aside from the playground. It can be used for pathways, walkways, recreational areas, patio surfaces, and so on.


Artificial turf can be one of your best choices when looking for a safe and secure recreational space which has a long-lasting impact and quality. Having a clean, comfortable, and safe enjoyable place will encourage parents to leave their children in kindergarten with a light heart. Artificial turf for playgrounds provides a safe and soft landing, without any other risks helps to gain maximum value in an economical manner, and can stay for a long time. As developments in each sector continue to increase, it is vital to use artificial turf most effectively.  You can even use artificial grass to decorate the interiors of the house, read this blog to learn more!

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