Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Vertical Gardens

The artificial vertical gardens have changed from being seen as a  luxury item with the high cost and low utility to being practical, cost-effective, and flexible enough to serve a wide variety of client needs. Despite the growth in popularity, there are still some doubts in our minds related to vertical gardens. In this blog, we address the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our artificial vertical garden below.

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A] What is an artificial vertical garden?

As implied by the name, it is a garden that is maintained by planting artificial plants in place of real ones in vertical places like brick walls, timber cladding walls, paling fences, etc.

A perfectly constructed artificial vertical garden wall can resemble actual plants so closely that it is difficult to tell them apart. Building a faux garden wall is an alternate choice for people who have little horizontal space but wish to conceal an unsightly wall or want something new.

B] Top 6 most frequently asked questions about vertical gardens

1. What is the difference between an artificial and a natural vertical garden?

The appearance and feel of artificial vertical gardens are identical to those of a natural vertical garden. Still, high-quality, incredibly lifelike synthetic plants are used in place of genuine ones.

2. Compared to natural vertical gardens, are artificial vertical garden walls cheaper?

The expense of optimally maintaining various types of gardens varies greatly, but it is still comparatively cheaper to maintain than natural vertical gardens. Watering, composting, trimming, and changing plants when they become unhealthy are just a few of the continual and time-consuming tasks that living vertical gardens require.

3. Can you use artificial greenery only indoors or outdoors is also possible?

You can put anything outside if it's intended for outdoor usage, but that doesn't make it unbreakable. Over time, the most challenging outdoor materials are susceptible to weathering, cracking, fading, and wilting.

4. How convenient is it to install an artificial vertical garden?

It is generally easy to install an artificial vertical garden because you will be provided with a manual on installing it and its particular maintenance.

5. How long can an artificial vertical garden last?

You may anticipate a lifespan of two to three months if your artificial plants are made of weather-resistant silk before you need to replace them.

6. What is the maintenance required for a vertical garden?

An artificial vertical garden wall doesn't need watering, fertilizer, or insect control, among other things. Additionally, since perennial plants keep their shape throughout their life, you won't need to bother about cutting them as they grow. Artificial green walls require occasional dusting.

C] Top vertical gardens to consider

1. Dense Vertical Artificial Garden Wall Tile

In moist or shady regions, mosses, which are small, flowerless plants, frequently form mats or masses of luxuriant foliage. Using this dense artificial garden wall tile is a creative way to add greenery without taking up much horizontal space or care with a vertical garden. This will have a calming impact due to its lovely green color.

Dense Vertical Artificial Garden Wall Tile

2. Lush Green Leaves Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Tile

Our high-density garden tile collection has various low-maintenance wall decoration options. These lush green leaves wall tile  give off a fresh vibe. In addition, our garden wall tile panels are realistic, exceedingly solid, and easy to assemble. 

Large Lush Green Leaves Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Tile (Size: 50cm x 50cm, Pack of 1)

3. Long Green Leaves with White Flowers Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Tile

Green plant wall ideas for indoor and outdoor decors, such as a backdrop for a wedding, celebration, or company emblem. These bright green leaves with white flowers is great for creating a hassle-free and aesthetically beautiful display wall.

White Flowers with Long Green Leaves Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Tile (Size: 50cm x 50cm, Pack of 1)

4. White and Purple with Green and Blue Leaves Artificial Vertical Green Garden Wall Tile

Our unique wall tile has a stunning colour palette. The benefits of our products include 

  • No Maintenance 
  • Be eco-friendly
  • Exceptionally Stable drywall, concrete, unclean walls, wood walls, etc. 

White and Purple Flowers with Blue an Green Leaves Artificial Vertical Green Garden Wall Tile (Size: 50cm x 50cm, Pack of 1)

5. Multi-colour Shade Artificial Vertical Green Garden Wall Tile

These lush colourful leaves garden wall tile remain lovely and fresh for a long time. Eye strain is lessened since looking at these colour has been demonstrated to reduce ocular tension.

Multicolor Shade Artificial Vertical Green Garden Wall Tile (Size: 50cm x 50cm, Pack of 1)


Artificial vertical gardens are hassle-free ways to add some greenery to your home or business. Visit UrbanCart immediately to learn more about how we can help you build the perfect space.

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