How to Decorate Your Office Space with Artificial Grass?

While designing your office interior, you want to make sure that it looks fresh and energetic instead of dull. A small patch of green can bring life to any space. Using synthetic grass in your office can improve the aesthetics of the place and help reduce stress. Also, if you are looking for unique and creative office space design ideas to make your workplace atmosphere more lively, then you simply can’t go wrong with artificial grass.

In this article, we have provided you with a few ways in which you can bring greenery indoors.

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A] 6 Office Interior Design Ideas with Artificial Grass

1. Artificial Grass For Wall Coverings

Artificial grass in the office isn't limited to the floor. It can also be used to cover the walls. Green synthetic grass can add life to the room because of its colour and can enrich the work environment. It also comes in a range of shades and designs, so you can pick and choose a design that suits you best.

2. Reception Area and Rooftop Garden

Moving on from synthetic grass wall covering, artificial grass can also be used as flooring for the reception area and rooftop garden. In the reception area, an artificial grass carpet can help elevate the look of the office and create a first good impression on all those who visit your office. Similarly, if you have a rooftop garden in your office, you can enhance the space and make it more inviting by adding a patch of fake grass along with chairs and tables. This can be an excellent place for the employees to relax and unwind amid a hectic work day.

3. Excellent for Indoor Game Rooms

Synthetic grass is a great addition to the break room or games/activities room. One of the most common uses of artificial grass for offices includes creating a putting green, wherein the employees can play golf. As green is a calming and relaxing colour, this office decorating idea can also help keep the employees active & energetic throughout the day, thereby increasing work productivity.

4. Lounge Area for the Staff

For a minimalist look for the staff lounge area, you can use artificial grass carpets. Here, rather than covering the whole floor, you can opt to cover just a portion of the flooring. Your staff can utilise this area to sit down and meditate or to just walk on it barefoot. Additionally, since artificial grass is easier to maintain, you won’t have to waste a lot of time or money on its upkeep.

5. Stairs and Doormat

If you want to use artificial grass in the office, then stairs and using it as a doormat are two other ideal ways. On the stairs, artificial grass can help create a non-slip surface, especially during the rainy season. It also helps improve the visual appeal of the office exterior.

Likewise, synthetic grass doormats can add a hint to colour to your office space. It can help keep dust, mud and bugs away, as your employees can wipe their feet on it thoroughly before entering the office. Plus, since the doormat is made from synthetic material, it is easy to wash frequently, which, in turn, can help improve workplace hygiene considerably.

6. Fake Grass For Pets at Work

Some offices today allow employees to bring their pets to work. Even if the office is not pet-friendly, most offices do have ‘bring your pets to work days and other such events. Thus, if your office does have a pet-friendly policy, then investing in an artificial grass carpet can pay off. Having a pet zone will ensure that your office remains spotless and there is no major hassle of cleaning up the space at the end of the day. The best part, even pets can have an enjoyable time as they frolic around uninterrupted.

B) Reasons to Add Artificial Grass to Your Office

1. Budget-friendly

Office interior design ideas don’t have to be expensive. With the right approach and décor items, you can easily spruce up the interior and add a touch of warmth to your office. Artificial grass is an exceptional choice as it allows you to enhance the look of your office without spending too much. As mentioned above, artificial grasses can be used for various purposes on the wall or as flooring. Thus, being cost-effective is one of the top reasons why you’d often find synthetic grass in offices.

2. First Impression

As the saying goes, a good first impression is essential both in personal life and professional space. To create a positive image of your company, you need to design your office the right way. Here, artificial grass can clearly improve the overall look of your office; turning it from boring and staid to lively and charming with a serene appeal.

3. Creativity

If you work in a creative field, it is a brilliant move for you to use artificial grass for your office. For instance, opting for synthetic grass wall covering can help you make a bold statement. Also, to create a unique look, you can customise synthetic grass in different artistic shapes.

4. Enriches the office environment

An enriching office environment can help increase workplace productivity. Synthetic grass walls or flooring can make the office look a lot brighter. It can make employees want to come to the office instead of work from home. In short, artificial grass can help create happy and motivating office space for your employees, which can also help increase satisfaction levels.

5. Gives off a homely vibe to help you relax

Since employees spend the bulk of daylight hours at the office, transforming it into a relaxing space with a homely vibe can work wonders to inspire employees to do their job well.

Wrap it Up!

You can use artificial grass in numerous ways, all it takes is your imagination. Artificial grass can also help keep your office clean and hygienic, giving it a relaxing vibe. Moreover, you can use décor items like wall clocks, paintings and flower vases in your office to improve its elegance.

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