6 Types of Comfy Lounge Chairs for Living Room (And Things to Consider)

For many, the living room couch is the most comfortable piece of furniture in their home. To come home after a long tiring day and lay on the couch is like feasting over ice cream on a hot sunny day. Here, apart from the couch, comfy loungers are another option that is slowly rising in popularity.

There is nothing like a lounge chair to give you immense relaxation both at home and at your workplace. Lounge chairs are versatile and can be a part of the living room, bedroom, offices, entry hallways, or dining room. Most commonly, however, cozy lounge chairs are an excellent addition to the living room.

In this article, we have listed the comfiest lounge chairs with armrests for curling up and reading a book. They are also exceptional for sitting and enjoying a great movie, or with a chaise lounge, you can also stretch your entire body, without the need for an ottoman.

There are abundant lounger chair designs available online from mid-century and contemporary to traditional and recliner-type lounge chairs. But, for now, we have listed the six most amazing types of lounge chairs that you must consider buying.

A] Comfy Lounge Chairs For Living Room: Things to Consider

1. Your comfort is the first priority

No living room chair is comfortable without arms. So search for lounge chairs with armrests. Here, the most ideal type of lounger chair would be one that has both an armrest and footrest. This would ensure that you enjoy optimal comfort and relaxation.

2. Proportionally sized

Before you buy a lounge chair, measure the space in your house where you’ll place it. Purchasing a chaise lounge is ideal for a large space. Whereas, a slipper chair, which is a comfy lounge chair, is well-suited for small spaces. Also, ensure that the chair doesn’t take up too much space in the living room and there is enough space to walk around easily.

3. Search for something defining your style

Comfy lounge chairs for living rooms are not really sofa chairs. There's a vast difference between the two. You should understand the difference between the two to make an informed choice. Here, some questions to ask yourself include - do you need a chair for one person or multiple people? Do you require a comfy chair or a well-designed chair that matches your living room’s décor? By answering these questions, you will be able to pick a chair that matches your style and requirement.

4. Room environment

Your room's environment also influences your choice of chairs. If your family room is a formal place which is used principally for formal events, then it's smarter to get chairs having upright backs or upholstered wing-back chairs. Likewise, for an informal living room, you can opt for a multicoloured lounge chair with a footrest.

5. Purchase as per the material

The chair material is another variable that you need to consider. Leather chairs add a dash of elegance and understated charm to the living room. There are traditionally designed leather club chairs with low backs as well as tall, soft and plush chairs that provide optimal comfort like this contemporary leather upholstered accent sofa armchair.

B] Types of comfy lounge chairs

1. Slipper lounge Chair

This chair has a high back and short legs. Mostly, slipper lounge chairs do not have armrests. They sit low on the ground, making it ideal for children. These lounge chairs can be small or slightly oversized. They are also available in different materials velvet, leather, and more. So, you can pick a slipper lounger chair as per your needs. Check out this velvet upholstered lounge chair.

London Velvet Upholstered Lounge Chair Wooden Legs - Red

2. Wing lounge Chair

Wingback chairs are statement pieces. They have a wide and strong back and short wood legs. The material used for crafting this chair includes leather or fabric upholstery. The high back of the chair also protects an individual from heat. What’s more, wingback chairs are extremely comfortable and ideal for reading a book or just relaxing.

Akari Armrest Lounge Chair for Living Room/ Bedroom - Blue + Yellow

3. Club Lounge Chair

One of the most traditional and formal lounge chairs, club chairs, as the name suggests, was mostly seen in a gentleman’s club. Today, however, they are a luxury item that would look fabulous in all rooms - be it at home or the office. Club chairs have short backs and short legs. They also have an armrest. Plus, in most cases, club lounge chairs are made from leather.

4. Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is also known as a Divan in India. This lounge chair is ideal if you don’t want to purchase a separate footrest or ottoman. Chaise lounges are available in varied styles, designs and patterns. You can also purchase a customised Divan in the material you want. Most chaise lounges have a headrest, but they do not have an armrest. These chaise loungers can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

5. Swivel/Revolving Lounge Chair

These are comfy lounge chairs for small spaces. They have a strong back and can have open arms or no arms. They are upholstered in synthetic material or fabric.These chairs are mainly used for the living room and may come with an ottoman. Check out this revolving leather upholstered aluminium base lounge chair.

Valencia Revolving Leather Upholstered Aluminium Base Lounge Chair - Red

6. Recliner Lounge Chair

A recliner lounge chair is an exceptional upholstered chair that is well-suited for reading and watching TV. It is an all-in-one chair with a headrest and a footrest. This chair is available in leather and fabric material, which you can pick as per your comfort.

Choosing The Right Lounge Chair

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