Home Vastu Tips - Significance, Benefits & Types of Water Fountains

Water features have always been a significant ornamental component. The water element is known to infuse the environment with uplifting energy. Follow these Vastu Shastra suggestions if you intend to install a water fountain for your home or place of business to attract wealth, luck, and fortune. This beautiful water element will begin infusing positive energy into the area if you follow a few Vastu guidelines. This article discusses the importance of a water fountain for the home and where it should be placed in the home.

A] What is Vaastu and its relevance?

A residence or home with a related parcel of land is referred to as a "Vastu" in Sanskrit. The word "vrddhi," which means "the site or foundation of a house," is also used to refer to "the site, land, construction or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, or residence."

B] Water Fountains as a Vaastu Equipment - Significance

According to Vastu Shastra, the fountain's flowing water represents the flow of money, happiness, and love. It might offer you luck and optimism if you keep it in and around your house. Installing a water fountain at home enhances the building's beauty while also bringing joy and serenity to the area. It also creates a serene environment both within and outside the residential area. The best place to build a water feature is on your property's north side as the northeast and east get along well with this water element. However, it would be wise to avoid placing the water fountains in the south, southeast, or western parts of the premises.

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C] Benefits of the water fountain for the home

The following are some advantages of having water fountains for home:

  1. Flowing water represents the movement of money, wealth, and optimism, according to Vastu. Therefore, having water fountains in the house is considered lucky.
  2. Home water features may enhance any area with their beauty and elegance.
  3. The sound of rushing water in your house adds serenity and a calming atmosphere.

D] Placement of the Water fountain in the house from Vaastu's Perspective

The proper location of a water fountain for home is crucial because it may channel cosmic forces into making your house a happy place to live. Based on Vastu, the north direction is ideal for installing a water feature or other water elements since it draws positive energy into the home. According to Vastu, the northeast and east are suitable locations for the water feature. Additionally, because these locations are appropriate for water components, experts advise using them for the installation of any water-related feature, including a water fountain within the home.

  • Keep a few Vastu principles in mind while selecting a water feature for your backyard. White is the colour connected with this area. Thus, marble or white-water fountains are excellent.
  • If the Vastu guidelines do not lead you to a good location for the indoor fountain, you can install a metal water feature in the room's northwest corner.
  • According to Vastu, water fountains in front of a house should not be placed in the south, southeast, or west zones, as these directions are not conducive to water components.

Following these rules can help you keep bad energy out of your house. If you want a water fountain in your home, then make sure it's positioned in a way that the water flows into your home rather than away from it.

According to the water fountain for home Vastu, avoid placing the indoor water feature in the centre of the property since this might block the energy flow and prevent it from achieving its full potential.

E] Vaastu Do's and Don'ts for water fountain

  • The presence of water fountains in the bedroom should be avoided as it might damage relationships. Keep any water-related items out of the bedroom.
  • The north side of the home entry, next to the front door, is the most excellent location for the fountain in the house. A water feature may be used in your backyard garden as well.
  • The waterfall at home Vastu should constantly be flowing and shouldn't stand still as this might hamper your life development.
  • Ensure that the water fountain for the home is frequently cleaned to prevent dirt, filth, or algae buildup. Additionally, mosquitoes might breed in the stagnant water.

F] Popular types of Vaastu water fountains for you to consider

  • Ceramics or stones can add stability.
  • Fountain on a table for good luck.
  • Tall fountains increase luck and fortune.
  • For spreading joy and optimism, a hanging fountain.

A water fountain in the house is essential in Japanese culture, and there are several temples around the country with one on their grounds.
As previously said, there are several kinds of water fountains on the market, and each has a unique influence on Vastu. A home's artificial water fountain in the house should be positioned towards the north.


Make sure the fountain will fit in the space you plan to keep by paying close attention to its dimensions when purchasing a water fountain. You should pick a water fountain for your home that amplifies your house's beauty and peace of mind. We hope this blog has helped you with all the relevant Vastu-related information you require while considering a water fountain for your home. You can even browse through UrbanCart if you’re looking for some attractive and unique water fountains.

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