Top 9 Artificial Grass Christmas Decor Ideas for your Home

Christmas is a wonderful season to be jolly. As you spend most of your time wondering about what to gift your loved ones and what to cook for Christmas, don't forget about decorating your interiors. Read our blog to learn how all you need is some artificial grass and magic to make it a Christmas haven.

Also, don't worry, your house will still look chic and elegant, and yet rooted in tradition. So go ahead and give it a read.

Creative grass decoration ideas

Here’s a list of creative artificial grass decoration ideas that can bring out the festive spirit:

1. Make an artificial grass wreath

Make an artificial grass wreath

Wreaths have a special place in Christmas decorations. It represents the eternal life circle. It is hung on a window or a door and is viewed as an invitation to enter the home. Nowadays, it has turned into an outlet that encourages self-expression. So, convert this religious annotation into a DIY project for a beautiful outcome.

All you need is an artificial grass mat off-cuts, festive berries, flowers, cinnamon sticks, and a ribbon. Add pine cones, tinsels, red berries, or whatever you feel like to create a beautiful wreath for the front door or a centrepiece on the dining table. You can even go for artificial grass-covered snowflakes with fake snow dusting, glitter, and a metallic ribbon.

2. Dress your table with green grass runners

A must-have decor piece is UrbanCart’s artificial grass table runner. Not only is it a perfect table decor item, but also something that can’t go unnoticed. Along with the attractive feature, it acts as an excellent glassware protector. So you can use your fancy glassware and not stress about them accidentally breaking when knocked over.

Create this highly effective and unique decoration by cutting the length of the artificial turf to reach both ends of the table. Place it and add pine cones, baubles, tinsels, candles, and other items of your choice.

3. An artificial grass Christmas tree for the win

If you have leftover pieces from other projects, you can use it to create an artificial grass Christmas tree. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a giant Christmas tree like the traditional one. You can make miniature versions and place them on the windowsill or mantelpieces. 

4. Get a grass mat for your Christmas tree

25 mm Realistic high density artificial synthetic grass.

To add to the beauty of your Christmas tree, you can place it on an artificial grass mat. It adds to the finishing touch of the overall Christmas tree appearance. Moreover, if the place where your Christmas tree stands is an awkward corner or nook, you can fill it with a mat to look full.

You can cut the Christmas tree mat in any size or shape and add cotton (as snow) or silver-like paint for a glistening effect. When you use a real Christmas tree, artificial grass mats can catch the falling pine cones; so your floor doesn’t get messy.

5. Add a snowy touch with a white grass snow blanket

White artificial grass has been running in commercial shop displays, hotel window displays, and trade shows for years. Now it’s time to bring it to your homes for a wintry window scenario.

You can put it under your tree as a carpet to protect the floor and enhance the look. Further on, while creating a crib for your home. It would give it a different look where you can also add fake snow to enhance the charm.

6. Create a family room wonderland with green grass

Greenery is always a good option. Create a calm, peaceful, and lush green wonderland in your living room with artificial grass decorations. Use artificial grass as a mat or on the wall. Get twining climbers in this space and transform it into a beautiful area.

For Christmas times, you can add tinsels, candles, and lights to brighten this space. Fake gifts, clouds, etc., will add charm and Christmas spirit to this corner.

7. Grassy and Christmassy staircase

If you’re looking for a rustic, natural atmosphere this Christmas, cover your staircase with an artificial grass mat. These staircase coverings enhance the natural feel and blend beautifully with the surroundings. It also offers a good foothold in wet weather and snowy times. So, you can enjoy your Christmas moments with serenity and protection from falling.

8. Topiary grass ball for attraction

Topiary grass ball for attraction

Topiary balls are fun to hang on your front door throughout the year. During the festive seasons, you can use these artificial grass topiary balls and add red berries, baubles, and lights to give it a festive touch.

These decorations look beautiful with illuminated features, decor balls, silver and gold ribbons, etc. Santa is sure to visit your home after seeing these decorations.

9. Grass Christmas animal decorations

Are you looking for a creative and unique way to create animals for your crib? Why not try making one out of artificial grass? Artificial grass animals can even spark your children's interest. You can create donkeys, sheep, and even all of Santa's reindeer. Go all out as you please, and let the artificial grass decoration ideas spark intrigue and excitement among the people around you.

Precautions with green grass decor (Conclusion)

Although artificial green grass decor looks stunning and brings a refreshing vibe, you must pay attention to specific things. For instance, artificial and natural grass is different. So, treat them accordingly. Other things to consider include :

  • Although artificial grass is durable and resilient, putting hot lights near it can cause it to melt. LEDs are a better option as they may only become warm, or hot, to the touch. However, it is advisable to not put them directly on the artificial grass.
  • Further, don’t puncture the backing on your fake grass. It means you can’t pound sticks into the ground whether they’re big or sturdy, or lightweight.

We hope this guide to artificial grass decoration ideas helps you create a beautiful Christmas scene at home and have a wonderful time. You can also check out our blog on how to use artificial for your home decor. Have a holly jolly Christmas.

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