Top 5 Buddha Fountains for Your Meditation

Water fountains have become prominent over the last decade. Adding a new Buddha water fountain to your home or garden area can be great for creating a tranquil environment. A Buddha water fountain can help you reach new levels of serenity and calmness as you meditate. Plus, they add a layer of elegance and positivity to your landscape. Without further ado, read this blog to learn about the different factors to consider while selecting the perfect big Buddha water fountain for home for your premises.

A] How does a Buddha fountain help in your meditation space?

The soothing sound of the outdoor Buddha fountain will help you to get off from all the toxicity and fatigue of the day. If you are looking for meditation or some healing self-introspection session, purchasing a Buddha water fountain for your outdoors might help you focus and spill off all the background noise. This Buddha water fountain will be the centerpiece of attraction  and will also amplify the natural feel of your place

After a hard day at work, a Buddha water fountain may help you unwind by bringing a sense of serenity to the area where it is placed.

You'll find the most fantastic collection of premium Buddha indoor and outdoor water fountains at Urban cart. We have a wide variety of beautiful Asian artworks that can enhance your living area and provide you with the soothing sounds of running water. Buddha fountains can be positioned among shrubs, in a backyard corner, or in any other quiet spot in the garden to create a peaceful sanctuary.

Most of us have been doing meditation for a very long time. You will be astonished at how simple it is to expand your meditation place outdoors with a large Buddha water fountain and how pleasant and rejuvenating the experience is with a water fountain.

B] Top 5 Buddha fountains to consider

1. Buddha Face Water Fountain

Buddha Face Water Fountain

  • The primary statue/fountain of the Buddha's face and the simple, black basin that collects the pooled water are both parts of this lovely outdoor Buddha fountain, which exudes elegance despite its simplicity.
  • The fountain operates by pumping water up a tiny hose extending to the sculpture's top. There, there is a narrow area that spans the width of the sculpture, allowing the water, after being pumped up, to flow down the entire front side of the statue and be caught in the basin where it is recycled.

2. Buddha peace offering water fountain

Buddha peace offering water fountain

  • This beautiful pale-yellow Buddha fountain spreads its aura and goodness through the statue's calm and relaxing posture. The water flow is like a blessing showering towards your space.
  • Buddha is seated in the meditation position with his legs crossed in the lotus position and both hands on his lap. Buddha's eyes are often half or fully closed, and the face exudes tranquility and peace. According to Vastu Shastra, Buddha contributes to developing a calming aura in meditation.

3. Big Lotus Buddha Indoor Outdoor Water fountain

Big Lotus Buddha Indoor Outdoor Water fountain

  • The indoor water feature for house décor is created with lights and a pump and is very simple to maintain. The big Buddha water fountain for home may be used right away by just plugging it into a power outlet. The pump is high-quality, extremely sturdy, and even has a long lifespan. The big lotus Buddha water fountain uses very little electricity and may run continuously for an entire day. Because it is made of high-quality fabric and is painted using organic materials, the item is also environmentally beneficial.

4. Standing Buddha with Glass Ball Water fountain

Standing Buddha with Glass Ball Water Fountain

  • The Buddha statue design is beautiful, and the glass ball is like a cherry on the cake. It bombards its spunk and glows.
  • It has stunning lighting: built-in LED light in the bottom bowl creates a peaceful and warm atmosphere in your environment
  • This standing Buddha with glass ball water fountain would help you experience the soothing effect once you meditate or do yoga; the small rocks on the basin add a natural look to your home.

5. Buddha in Lotus Water Fountain with LED

Buddha in Lotus Water Fountain with LED

  • The exquisite lotus water fountain with LED creates a mystical appearance and is a stylish home décor that looks great in your garden, living room, or office desk. Any place will undoubtedly impress your visitors and offer extraordinary value!
  • A submersible pump that is simple to assemble and use continually circulates the water to maintain it safe, clean, and algae-free. Beautiful and noiseless pump operation for LED lighting.
  • An elegant, traditional indoor water fountain for interior design and home décor that emphasizes the cultural diversity of India. Modern architecture is oppressive both inside and outside.

To add to the beauty of your home space, you can decorate it with artificial grass. Read this blog to learn more! 


It is evident that choosing a favorite statue or fountain from among these lovely pieces is tough, but you may go with the one that makes you feel the closest to it since, in the end, only you will benefit from the healing aura that these stunning fountains emit.

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