Recreating your Favourite Rooftop Bar Space: Steps to Follow

Are you thinking of expanding your home entertaining space? Or looking to transform your terrace into a rooftop bar?

Rooftop bars are a hotspot today. And everyone loves a rooftop space that can be transformed into a sprawling rooftop bar. A rooftop bar gives you the freedom to let your hair down, feel the fresh air, and experience sunset views that make your dining time even better. If you have enough balcony or garden space in your home, it is better to put it to the right use by transforming your space into a sky-high rooftop bar. Build your mini oasis and kick back in with a drink in hand. With the right assistance, you can create a rooftop bar of your own in your own space.

Rooftops are turning out to be a popular choice for serene living spaces. With a creative approach, you can turn your simple rooftop design into a low-cost rooftop bar. In this blog, we will explore some simple approaches to transforming your rooftops in flats, apartments, or homes into a comfortable and cosy space.

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Step #1: Laying the foundation/platform

The very first step involves a strong foundation or a platform for your rooftop bar. One important thing required to make a rooftop bar is a flat surface. If the terrace does not have a rooftop, a large second-story balcony or patio can also be the perfect alternative. Prior to designing the rooftop platform, get the space inspected by a contractor to determine if the structural integrity is sufficient to withstand the mass of the platform.

You can give your space complete changeovers only if the foundation is strong enough to withstand the new additions. Make the space into the perfect hangout spot that suits and reflects modern trends.

Step #2: Hiring an expert contractor

Rooftop bar designs are emerging as a new element that is revolutionising vacant spaces in homes. While earlier, the rooftop was confined to a place to relax, the areas are now being redesigned and converted into multi-purposes, making it an additional living space of the house. A rooftop can be transformed into a cosy rooftop bar to power up your parties.

And there are many ways that can serve as an inspiration for your terrace or rooftop. But first, it's time to hire an experienced local contractor to add any required support.

When getting your open terrace designs created, it is most suitable to consult a professional interior decorator. They will assist in studying your space and suggest which elements will look best and meet the requirements effortlessly. With the right assistance and the best quality designs from experienced professionals, transform your vacant space into an exquisite rooftop bar.

Step #3: Selecting flooring options

One significant element that can often be neglected or ignored in the design process for rooftops and terraces is the right flooring. Often no tiles or special flooring is done for the outdoor space. And this is a huge mistake. With a little TLC, the rooftop terrace can become the most loved spot in the home. This is the reason why it is a good idea to spend on getting the best suitable flooring for rooftop terraces.

The popular choices of flooring for a rooftop terrace are as follows

  • Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Gravel
  • Paint
  • Fake grass or synthetic or artificial turf
  • Decking

The above-mentioned rooftop flooring ideas are not only handy, but they can also withstand extreme weather conditions and do not require much maintenance. If the terrace has a room that leads directly to it, then it is advisable to have flooring that matches the room, for it to look like a natural extension of the home.

Step #4: Completing the home bar design setup

It's time to transform the rooftop space into a home bar!

If you are someone who enjoys entertaining and having guests over, then a rooftop bar is the best thing to invest in! Build a new one or turn your terrace into a rooftop bar. Transform your rooftop into a creative space that reflects your self-expression. Celebrate a fun-filled nightlife and create exceptional moments in your own home.

Integrate small elements to add to the bar aesthetic such as comfortable seatings from UrbanCart. Terrace bars also require good lighting and a covered roof to make them more comfortable throughout the year.

Once you have the picture sorted — it is time to put the plan into action. Get the full setup in place and put together an outdoor bar with an eclectic mix of chairs and tables from UrbanCart.

  • Focus on adding a splash of colour and personality into the space.
  • Start with some greenery: opt for a few hanging planters or quirky pot plants.
  • Choose the flower display rack from our website and set the right tone for your decor.
  • Create a relaxing environment by adding an outdoor water fountain.
  • Set the right mood with some lighting - opt for traditional fairy lights for an ethereal feel or festoon lights.

Tips to Transform your Rooftop

Bring the best elements of a city's nightlife to your rooftop. We hope the below-mentioned home bar design ideas will assist you to transform the small rooftop into a home bar

  • Get an idea of the area accessible at the rooftops.
  • Plan a budget and timeframe for the project and maintenance.
  • Check for an electric connection in the rooftop space.
  • Select high-quality materials for space renovation.
  • Analyse the weather conditions and choose the right construction materials.
  • Choose a colour pallet for walls and flooring that fits your style.
  • Try a creative wall painting to accentuate the terrace space.

Final Thoughts

It is important to comprehend the purpose of the rooftop space. Understanding your entire space and comparing it with your requirements is vital before you convert the rooftops. To transform it into a leisure spot, but plan and work based on your purpose. Search for a few inspirations to design your rooftop terrace design and make it cost-effective. Undertake a regular inspection and ensure extra maintenance is carried out under extreme weather conditions to protect your rooftop decor. Enjoy a cosy time with your family and friends, but don't forget to consult experts to plan your rooftop bar space the right way for the best results.

Keep in mind that artificial grass decor isn’t limited to open areas. Refer to our guide on artificial grass design ideas for home decor to explore more ways to add artificial grass to your home. 

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