Tips on Picking the Perfect Wall Clock for a Modern Home Decor

With conventional clocks becoming outdated, it's time to revamp the wall clock at home with some subtle or extravagant designs that suit your style. Wall clocks no longer serve only their primary function of keeping time, but they are also expanding their functionality to be included as a vital part of any home decor.

They play a far more vital role in decorating house interiors and adding panache to walls in modern homes. However, there is a vast selection of wall clock designs that are available to choose from, including something from funky to traditional watches or modern clocks to vintage-inspired designs.

Why is a Wall Clock a Terrific Piece of Decor

24 inch Wall Clock of Pure Metal Retro with Heavy Duty Decorative Rustic design for Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Office. (Black)

The available options for wall clocks for the living room are virtually limitless. But the trick to finding the correct wall clock design is to narrow in on one that fits the perfect match to your personality, the atmosphere of the home as well as your decor theme. The next important step is to find an ingenious way to fit it into the style of the room. The final appearance should not only appear stylish but should be able to have an aesthetic impact. Whether it injects the wall with a splash of colour or a touch of a fashionable focal point, a wall clock is an essential component for the walls, be it for the living room, the dining space, or the bedroom.

We hope we have satisfactorily answered your questions regarding where to hang wall clock in living room as well as other rooms of your house.

Tips to Select the Right Wall Clock

The first and foremost thing when selecting a wall clock design is to choose the right place. With a wide range of handmade wall clock patterns, materials, and styles to choose from, it can be a tough decision to make.

1. Locating the Right Place

It is important to think about where you are most likely to glance to see the time. You can always move the clock around the room to find the best spot to view the clock. Try avoiding the place next to a window or door as direct sunlight from the outside can make it difficult to see the time.

2. Choosing the Right Clock Dimensions

The space where you put a wall clock may benefit from some measures before making a purchase. This will help you in getting an idea of the size range you should consider for the wall clock. The minimalist design approach tends to use a big wall clock for living room, and add minimalist decor that complements the clock. This would work marvelously for spacious rooms.

3. Matching the Theme of the Room

It is very important to consider the overall mood you have in mind for the clock as well as your space. While a cuckoo clock is not ideal for a minimalist, ultra-modern environment, the same goes for those who enter the area and notice the wall clock designs that clash with the aesthetics of the room. An alternative would be selecting furniture that matches the colours of the room as well as the tones.

4. Check for the Material of the Wall Clock

To finish up, it is important to closely examine the actual timepiece. Depending on the existing themes and preferences, the selected wall clock may or may fit the overall decor. It does not matter if the watch is made of wood, if the room has a lot of wood and earthy tones, the wall will only benefit from a wooden clock. But be sure to keep in mind the room’s primary colour schemes when making a choice.

Understanding the Ideal Size of a Wall Clock for your Home

Wooden Texture Metal 24 inch Wall Clock with Silent Movement and Battery Operated Wall Decor for Hallway, Bed Room and Office.(Black and Gold)

One vital factor when making a purchase for a wall clock is important to identify the ideal size of the clock. Whether you want the wall clock to be a delicate piece or a statement piece that attracts all the attention, the optimum size depends on your preferences.

The average size of a wall clock is often between ten and thirty inches. You can get hold of lovely designer wall clocks online from UrbanCart to beautify your home interiors. Choosing a 10-inch to 18-inch wall clock is the best choice as it helps in adding a subtle flair to your room. If you are looking to make it your statement piece, opt for a 24 or 30 inch wall clock.

Types of Wall Clocks for your Home

  • Digital or analog wall clock
  • Grandfather or Pendulum clock
  • Cuckoo clock

The Significance of a Wall clock, as per Vastu

Placing the wall clock in the right direction is likely to have a positive effect on the Vastu of your house. A wall clock hung as per Vastu principles will provide you with a constant flow of uplifting energy throughout the home. Choosing a perfect Vastu location can often be a challenging task. But, placing the suitable wall clocks in the right Vastu directions may help draw beneficial energy into your home and make your life free of hindrances.

The Right Direction

Wall clocks should always be placed in the North, North East, and East zones. The west wall or the west zone can be used if none of these areas is feasible. However, this should be considered a last alternative.

  • North

The north is considered to be the ideal location for a wall clock. The deity of riches and prosperity, Kubera, rules there. Additionally, this placement also helps in preventing the family’s financial problems from materialising.

  • East

If the clock cannot be positioned in the north direction, it can be placed facing east. A clock on the east wall is likely to bring wealth as Indra, the ruler of the god, rules that side of the room.

  • West

One of the other suggested directions to place the clock is the west direction. The god of rain, Varun, rules the west which represents steadiness in life.

  • South

As per Vastu principles, the south side of the home should be avoided as it can negatively affect the family and money. The god of death, Yama, is known to rule over this direction.

Clock Placement Mistakes To Avoid

  • The wall clock should never be placed at doors, as the direction is not ideal for a wall clock.
  • The clock should not be placed next to any cables or electrical outlets. This not only lacks aesthetic appeal but also draws unfavourable energy.
  • It is always advisable to keep the wall clock away from any pictures of departed family members.
  • Pendulum clocks should not be mounted in bedrooms.
  • It is important to verify that the bed is not reflected in the glass of the wall clock. It is also important to make sure there are no reflections on the face.
  • Clocks with superheroes and violent backgrounds are considered ubiquitous. It is advised to avoid wall clocks that have depictions of violence, hostility, or criminality.

To Sum Up

When it comes to your home decor, a wall clock is a great addition with many types of wall clocks available that can be used to design your wall well. However, if you are not careful when choosing the perfect wall clock, you might end up with something that spoils the look of your home. We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you identify the right wall clock.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the different types of wall clock design options, it's time to identify the right one that matches well with our home decor. Scroll through suitable wall clock modern design options on UrbanCart to find a wall clock that fits your requirements. Happy designing!

Use the right tips to select the ideal clocks for your home. Another significant way to choose the ideal one is to select a model that you will not mind viewing every day as you are likely to look at it all the time!

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