Best Office Chairs for Tall People In 2023

Finding the perfect office chair can be challenging, especially if you are a tall person. Standard chairs can often be uncomfortable and not provide the necessary support for your body. However, there are many office chairs designed specifically for tall people that can help alleviate the discomfort and provide optimal comfort and support. 

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the 9 best office chairs for tall people in 2023. Whether you are looking for a chair with adjustable height, lumbar support, or a high backrest, we have got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and read on to find the perfect office chair for your needs.

What is Considered Taller than Average height?

Let's start by outlining what characterises being tall.

In India, the average height for men is around 5 feet 5 inches, while for women, it is around 5 feet. Therefore, if you are taller than the average height, it can be challenging to find furniture that fits you comfortably. 

Being taller than usual increases your chance of neck and back injuries as well as your risk of experiencing back and neck pain. It might also imply that using furniture made for smaller people, like chairs, will make these issues worse.

If you are over 6 feet tall, you may find that standard office chairs are too small and uncomfortable. Additionally, if you have long legs, you may need an office chair that offers adjustable seat height and depth to accommodate your legs.

Office Chair Considerations For Tall People

When selecting an office chair for tall people in India, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. 

  • Look for chairs with a high backrest and adjustable seat height to ensure that the chair supports your entire spine, from your lower back to your neck. 

  • Additionally, consider the weight capacity of the chair to ensure that it can support your weight comfortably. 

  • Look for chairs with adjustable armrests to help prevent strain on your shoulders and neck. 

  • Finally, be sure to check the material of the chair to ensure that it is breathable and comfortable for long hours of sitting.

In short, you have to look for an ergonomic chair that has full adjustability, so you can alter the angle to suit your back as best you can. So, if you are interested in finding the best office chair for tall person, we have listed some of our top picks below.

Best Office Chairs for Tall People

1. The Spidy Executive Mesh High Back Office Chair

High Back Office Chair with Aluminium Base features a highly elastic mesh material that covers the entire chair, providing breathability and comfort. The material is also flexible enough to adjust to your spine's natural curve, providing the right support to prevent awkward positioning. The chair also comes with a fixed lumbar support to enhance comfort and reduce strain on your lower back. Overall, the chair is designed to provide optimal support and comfort for tall individuals who spend long hours sitting in the office.

2. Hugo High Back Aluminium Base Executive Chair

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly ergonomic high-back chair, then the Hugo High Back Aluminium Base Executive Chair is a great option.

The features of this ergonomic chair almost exactly match tall people's recommendations. For tall folks, the back support is excellent. Sitting on this chair all day is pretty comfy, and it even helps with any back discomfort problems. Even the headrest is in the ideal position. Moreover, it features numerous office chair height adjustments.

3. Julian High-Back PVC Leather Executive Office Chair

UrbanCart is famous for offering good office chairs for tall people. Our Julian High-Back PVC Leather Executive Office Chair with Aluminium Base is a good choice for tall people who prefer leather upholstery. It also has armrests, giving the user more comfort.

For those up to 6'4" in height, this chair is practical. It still provides greater back support than the majority of mid-back chairs do, though. Its adjustable armrests are meant to accommodate tall individuals. The armrests can be removed to allow for cross-legged seating, and the chair is simple to tuck beneath the desk.

4. Alfie High Back Aluminium Base Executive Chair

Our health may suffer if we misuse workplace chairs for an extended period of time. Tall people's ergonomic office chairs have been specially made to allow them to adjust their position to better fit individual body types. 

Without the benefits of ergonomic office chairs, we'd undoubtedly suffer from bad posture, back pain, and decreased productivity. It is therefore significant to choose an option that helps you sit properly at a computer. And Alfie High Back Aluminium Base Executive Chair is just the one that helps you maintain the right posture.

5. Alpha Premium Executive Office High Back chair with Lumbar Support

While some people attempt to correct their posture, it is frequently not that easy when sitting for long hours in front of a computer. A specifically constructed chair is required. The Alpha Premium Executive Office High Back chair with Lumbar Support and Aluminium Base offers just the right support and helps in preventing back problems, just as some of us need a treadmill in the basement to lose those excess pounds.

It has mesh-covered, curved back support with integrated lumbar support. On the back, it felt both comfortable and cool. The seat offers the appropriate stiffness. As a result, it won't interfere with good posture when sat for extended periods of time or create any back pain.

6. Magnus High Back Ergonomic Mesh Executive Office Chair

UrbanCart's Magnus High Back Ergonomic Mesh Executive Office Chair is the perfect choice for tall people. And a majority of chair owners will concur that it is very comfy. Because of all the padding, the chair is rather big. 

For added comfort, the seats, headrests, backrests, and armrests all feature two layers of padding. To give it a more professional appearance, it also includes hand-shaped arms and smooth, bonded leather upholstery.

7. Iris High Back Executive Boss Chair

Taller individuals often suffer from back and spinal pains, making it crucial to find a chair that provides adequate support. The Iris High Back Executive Boss Chair with PVC Leather and Aluminium Base is designed to cater to taller individuals. It comes with a head and neck rest that ensures your head and neck are adequately supported, reducing the numbness that often occurs after prolonged sitting. Additionally, the chair features adjustable armrests, allowing you to set them at a comfortable height. The chair's PVC leather and aluminium base provide durability and style, making it an excellent investment for any office space.

8. Antonio Executive High Back Leather Upholstered Aluminium Base Chair

The Antonio Executive High Back Leather Upholstered Aluminium Base Chair is one of the best-selling leather executive office chairs and was specially created for taller users. It also delivers great value for money. The tall, thickly padded backrest is meant to accommodate your spine's natural curve. The backrest's integrated headrest, which is height-adjustable, will keep your head, neck, and shoulders comfortable over extended periods of sitting.

9. Ronald Top Line Premium Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

The Ronald Top Line Premium Executive Ergonomic Office Chair offers pronounced lumbar support that has been specifically engineered to enable it to customise its support to the body. The lower backrest supports the user in receiving the precise support you need, while the synchronised tilt and reclining backrest can be secured in any position. The office chair itself has been specially created for intensive 24-hour use.

These were some of the highly sought after and best office chairs for tall persons. Our guide on Different Types of Office Chairs and Their Ergonomics can help you learn more about such chairs, including the different types of office chairs, ultimately helping you in your decision of picking the right one for yourself.

To Sum Up

Taking care of our physical health is important, especially when it comes to our back. By using ergonomic office furniture we can reduce the strain on our back and prevent future back pain. It's important to be proactive and anticipate potential difficulties to save time and energy, leading to a more successful and fulfilling career. Investing in ergonomic office furniture not only promotes better health but also increases productivity and overall well-being.

If you’re taller and want to find a comfortable ergonomic office chair, then we at UrbanCart have got you covered. If you’ve been having back and leg discomforts, it is time to shop for the suitable office chair that is right for you and fits your needs. 

Go over our list and make sure to spot the right one that fulfils all the requirements or you can also refer to our guide How To Select a Comfortable Chair for Work From Home?

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