Perfect Home Decor Gifting Options For Newlyweds

Are your friends or close family members getting married? Then you must be stuck thinking about what to gift the newly wedded couple. If you are looking for a gift for a newly married couple, we are here to help.

Choosing a unique gift for a newly married couple can be tricky for a few reasons. For starters, is it highly likely that they got everything they require from their wedding registry, which makes it even more important to think outside the box a little? And the other important task is to impress them with the gift.  But, lucky for you, you don’t need to continue worrying about what to get them. We have curated a list of attractive unique gifts for newly married couples that they will both appreciate.

Tips For Choosing Home Decor For Newlyweds

Before we dive into shopping, it is important to be aware of a few tips to inspire your search. It is actually a super-useful resource to look at the couple's wedding registry. If you have access to their wish list, check and see for any gifting ideas. Or you can simply ask them if any of their favourite items are unpurchased. This will help shed some light on the couple's style as well as interests.

Another option is to choose a gift that is really unique. When shopping for gifts for a newly wedded couple, the go-to wedding gift is always something personalized that makes it even more special for them. While it is not only thoughtful it couples down as an unforgettable gift that can also become a part of their home decor.

What To Get The Newlyweds Who Have Everything

Planning for a wedding gift is completely a different realm. However, by following a few basic rules, your gift is bound to be appreciated by the newlywed couple, rather than being returned. We understand that it can be difficult to find the right gift. We have listed the top gift ideas for newly married couples below. From personalized homeware to aesthetic bookshelves and fragrant candle jars, we have got you covered for every special gift and much more.

Popular Home Decor Gift Ideas

On UrbanCart, you can find numerous items that can be the perfect wedding gift for a newly married couple. Here are some unique home decor items from our website that help bring a bright smile to the newlywed's face.

1. Scented Candle Jars

Scented Candle Jars

If the newlywed couple is someone who enjoys customary date nights. If they are someone who does not shy away from PDAs in real life or their social media accounts, then we have just the perfect wedding gift that will give them an excuse to create the ambience of a candlelight date night for any at-home meal. Scented candle jars come in small and medium sizes at modest price points across diverse fragrance ranges. The scented candles are one of the best wedding gifts ever to add a unique touch to a luminous house. They come in a variety of designs as well as scents to brighten up every corner of the house.

On UrbanCart, you can find a wide range of scented candle jars available at affordable price range. These are the most visually pleasing designs that will definitely brighten up the space of the newlyweds.

2. Exquisite Ceramic Flower Vases

Exquisite Ceramic Flower Vases

Crafted by skilled artisans, these vases are made with the finest materials and attention to detail. They are the perfect addition to any room, adding a touch of beauty and sophistication. And what would be a better gift for newly married couples than exquisite ceramic flower vases that can be personalised for the newly wedded couple?  The vases can be doubled down as great and exquisite home decor items that require less maintenance. UrbanCart offers an exclusive range of ceramic flower vases, that can easily be the highlight of the house.

3. Dapper Bookshelves

Dapper Bookshelves

Another great gift idea for a newlywed couple is a chic bookshelf. The book racks can be used in more than one way, instead of just storing books in style. Bookshelves help in bringing more scope and give the room a personalized touch while showcasing the book collection. They are also a great living room decor idea that can often spark interesting conversations.  A thoughtful home decor wedding gift idea, aesthetic bookshelves are a wonderful choice to go for. UrbanCart has some absolutely dapper bookshelves that are hard to resist, made from premium quality wood.

4. Artsy Handmade Wall Clock

Artsy Handmade Wall Clock

A wall-mounted clock can drastically bring a change of mood as well as an aura to the ambience of the living room or any other room. One of the best gift ideas for newly weds, artsy wall clocks not only help brighten up the home decor but also add different characters to the interior. On UrbanCart, you can find luxurious handmade designs of wall clocks that look ravishing and will surely catch everyone's eye. Since there are so many designs available, you might have a little trouble deciding which one to buy. Our helpful guide Tips on Picking the Perfect Wall Clock for a Modern Home Decor can help you with that endeavour.

5. Religious Idols & Statues

Religious Idols & Statues

Idols are a common and popular gift, especially for newlyweds. Religious idols & statues are at the top of every wedding gift list. Many people choose lord idols for weddings and other special occasions, as they signify their love as well as blessings for the couple. At UrbanCart you can find the most intricately sculpted idols as per your choice. 

While religious idols hold deep-rooted religious values for some people, they are also known to have spiritual significance. Let's talk about a Ganesha idol, it is essential to place it in the right position and direction. To learn proper placement for the idol, you’ll have to refer to our guide: Important Vastu Tips to Place Ganesha Idol at Home.  You can also share this with the newly married couple if you end up gifting them a Ganesha idol. You are not just giving them a home decor item, but something of immense value. An idol that can bring happiness and prosperity to their life. 

In Conclusion

Finding the right gift is a tedious task. And if your friends are a newly married couple, then choosing a gift item is even more stressful. Favourite newlywed gifts can include personalized items. However, something that feels personal does not have to be personalized.  Whether they are someone who is artistic or have a penchant for all things artistic, look beyond the options and explore unique gifts for the newly married couple. While buying an actual piece of art may not be a feasible option, skip the pricey museum stores and opt for functional pieces that are distinct and can be used as a part of beautifying their home decor. Gifting a present inspired by how the couple met or something that resembles their shared love can be equally thoughtful. 

We hope you find these wedding gift ideas as the most cost-effective ones that can create majestic-looking home decor as well.

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