The Best Chair for your Office: Mesh vs Leather Chairs

Office chairs are an important element that decides the health of the people who work in that setting. But which one should you choose: Mesh vs leather chair?

When planning to buy a chair, it is important to identify the different types of office chairs and their ergonomics that are available in the market, along with the different aspects of it. And then decide on the kind of chair that satisfies the requirements you have.

For office chairs, the most popular options that people come across are mesh and leather chairs. Both types of chairs have their specific advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, one should weigh all the aspects of these chairs, before making a suitable purchase for the office. When deciding on the best office chairs, make sure to get the purchase right. After all, your office chair is something you will use regularly. And it will have a significant impact on your health and comfort. 

In this article, we will be delving into the pros and cons of each style of chair based on its design, ergonomics, size, and price. We hope this will help you understand how each one might work, thus making it easier for you to find the perfect chair for your needs.

Mesh vs. Leather Chair: Comparisons 

When purchasing an ergonomic office chair, there are certain parameters that are to be taken into consideration. It is advisable to choose the most comfortable chair irrespective of whether it is a mesh chair or leather chair. Mesh chairs are a useful and economical option as they are easy to set up in the office without spending a lot of money on them. Leather office chairs, on the contrary, are great investments for conference room settings or for spaces that are required to look great to impress clients and customers.

1. Durability

Most chairs are built to last for years or even decades and office leather chairs are no exception. With a tough hide, a leather chair can stand repeated wear and tear, and still be in pristine condition year after year with enough care. Leather chairs are susceptible to staining, but with a wipeable surface, it is cleaned easily. The chairs also require very little maintenance.

On the other hand, mesh chairs with their bare skeletal design can get bruised over time. The unsupported fabric can lose its elasticity. Usually, the plastic of a mesh chair is likely to bow a lot faster under the weight of a human body. A mesh chair has to be repaired more often than leather components.

2. Comfortability

Comfort is the most vital factor when purchasing a chair, whether it is a leather chair or a mesh one. While a leather chair is the most comfortable option at first glance, mesh chairs are designed with comfort in mind. Mesh chairs are not padded as leather office chairs as they have a skeletal structure designed to support the back and promote good posture. 

Lumbar support is important in an office chair. And if you are someone who sits at a desk all day, then it is important to consider the most comfortable office chair. If you suffer from back pain, then a mesh office chair can be more beneficial for you. Mesh office chairs have a curved back that helps in providing the required support to the spine.

A leather office chair, on the contrary, has a thickly padded backrest, and padded armrests. They provide a sense of luxury. However, over time this padding is likely to wear down making the chair uncomfortable.

Thomas Chrome Base Upholstered Medium Back Executive Chair - Brown

3. Maintenance 

Office leather chairs are very prone to scratch marks, which over a span of time are likely to widen as the fibres get pulled further apart. Sunlight can also cause a leather chair to bleach, however, it may not lead to any deep functional damage. But it does affect the cosmetic appeal of the chair.

Designed with a lightweight and integrated frame, wire mesh chairs are easier to maintain than leather chairs. The surface can be wiped clean with warm soapy water or with a hairdryer to avoid rusting. But the mesh fabric can be a hassle to clean. This is because particles can get ingrained into the layered mesh fabric. Modern mesh office chairs are generally lighter, making it easier to flip them over when cleaning the base and the wheels.

4. Availability

Leather chairs have decreased in the popularity spectrum over the last decade. And many companies and individuals are looking to save a few dollars with a lighter model of wire chairs for the office. This has led to real leather chairs being harder to come by on the high street and hence they have to be tracked down online or in specialised stores.

Mesh chairs on the contrary are beginning to outsell leather as an office staple, as they are not only made of lightweight material, but they also have ergonomic functions and are inexpensive. Due to this, markets are now flooding with mesh chairs of all different shapes and sizes. But mesh chairs still do not have the same aesthetic value as leather chairs. However, now with trademarks of sophistication, they are available at a pretty hefty price tag.

Spidy Executive Mesh High Back Office Chair with Aluminium Base5. Cost

Leather chairs often tend to be on the pricier side due to which they are largely down to looks. The cost of the chair is likely to go up if it is made of real leather as opposed to faux leather. On the contrary, mesh office chairs are quite similar but not that heavy on the pocket. They are actually a little less expensive on the whole. And that's the beauty of mesh chairs, they can be found on both ends of the budget spectrum.

If you need help in finding a comfy office chair, you can refer to our guide: How To Select a Comfortable Chair for Work From Home?

Final Thoughts

Making a choice between a mesh office chair or a leather office chair depends entirely on the preferences. If you are in search of a chair that looks luxurious and cosy, then a leather chair is the right option for you. And if you are someone who does not sit at their desk frequently, then a leather chair will serve the purpose well. However, if you are someone who believes in practicality over looks, then a mesh chair will be the best deal for you.

A person suffering from back pain or someone whose job demands him to sit for a long period of time, should not consider a leather chair’s look and feel. When making a decision between mesh and leather office chairs, it is important to understand the difference between the two. It is equally important to choose something with ergonomic functions. And mesh chairs fit the bill well as they are not only modern and lightweight, they fit into most office spaces with ease. 

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