Tips To Find A Trusted Artificial Grass Supplier in India

Artificial Turfs are increasingly becoming popular over the past few years, but were you aware that artificial grass was first introduced in 1965? Or that it was installed in 1966 at Houston Astrodome during Major League Baseball?

Over the years, Artificial grass has become a preferred choice for turfs since it offers many benefits over natural grass including less water consumption, less maintenance costs, durability, greenery all year round, and pleasing aesthetics. It is therefore necessary to invest in high-quality artificial grass from a trusted turf supplier.  A trustworthy supplier offers a range of options, helps you choose the right product, and is transparent about materials and manufacturing processes.

Listed below are a few tips to help you find a trusted artificial grass supplier in India.

1. Conduct Thorough Research On The Turf Supplier

First and foremost, ask for turf supplier recommendations and referrals in your network, as it can help you find a supplier quicker and the connection who recommends it can also provide insights on the supplier helping you make an informed decision. Look for suppliers online and create a list of who can be a perfect fit for you by examining the quality, and checking reviews on Google. You can also browse through their social media feed if they have a social presence and check past customer feedback. 

Another essential factor is to look for a supplier with extensive experience in the turf industry, as suppliers with more experience are likely to have the knowledge and expertise to provide excellent products and services. Additionally, check if they offer options, pricing, warranty, and after-sales service. 

2. Look For Turf Suppliers That Offer Quality Products

When working on an artificial grass project, ensure that you always prioritise quality over price. High-quality artificial grass can withstand various weather conditions and heavy use. Quality artificial grass also has a realistic look and feel, including a soft texture, whereas low-quality turf can have rough edges, making it uncomfortable to walk on. For example, using poor-quality artificial grass on football fields may also cause injury to the players, as it wasn’t designed for shock absorption, traction, or drainage.

It is therefore necessary to choose a grass that has more density, which indicates more blades per square inch capable of withstanding heavy use, high foot traffic, and wear and tear. Note, high-quality grass can be made from a variety of materials including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), and Nylon. 

So, select a vendor that offers quality grass, it can help ensure that you find the best product for your specific needs and preferences. 

3. Find A Turf Supplier That Offers Warranty

The warranty duration for turf can vary based on the grass yarn's material, design, and production technology. So, when you purchase from a trusted artificial grass supplier, you can rest easy knowing that any issues with your purchase are covered by the warranty's terms for as long as the warranty is in effect. Therefore, while researching among potential turf suppliers, verify if they are offering a warranty policy and inquire about the same.  

The duration of the warranty will vary depending on the material, and sometimes suppliers too, consider the one that offers a reasonable warranty. It is also recommended that you review the warranty terms and conditions in detail, it will provide a clear understanding of what is included and excluded in the warranty such as discoloration, yarns coming off, etc. For example, UrbanCart offers DIN -European Standard certified artificial grass, that comes with a 2-year colour fade warranty.

4. Look For High Performance Artificial Grass Supplier

When choosing a supplier for buying synthetic turf it is essential to choose a supplier that provides high-performance artificial grass. High-performance grass is a necessity in places that experience high foot traffic, places such as hotels and B&Bs. Furthermore, high-performance artificial grass requires low maintenance, offers a slip-resistance surface, and is a sustainable choice, making it a better option than cheaper lower-quality artificial turf. 

Therefore, choosing an artificial grass supplier that offers high performance ensures that your turf lasts longer, making it a wise investment in the long run.

5. Find an Artificial Grass Supplier that offers Self-Draining System

The use of artificial grass as an alternative to natural grass has gained significant popularity in recent years. It is a popular choice because it comes equipped with drainage holes. A self-draining mechanism eliminates the risk of water pooling up on the top surface of the artificial grass.

Artificial grass that doesn’t have a self-draining system becomes high-maintenance. In the absence of adequate drainage, water from a variety of sources may pool on the surface, resulting in the development of puddles that will keep the turf wet for a long time. The accumulation of water may cause harm to the grass over time, leading it to become discoloured, reducing its life span, and causing it to wear out faster. This stresses the need for finding a supplier who provides artificial grass with a self-draining system.

6. Check for Installation Services

While selecting high-quality grass suppliers, it is essential to look for proper professional installation services as it can factor into the longevity of your turf. The installation process can be complex and time-consuming, requiring specialised skills and tools that only experienced professional sports turf suppliers possess, therefore you should choose a company with a successful track record of installations. 

Proper installation ensures that the turf is installed with a proper drainage system, essential for preventing water accumulation and maintaining the turf's longevity. 

There’s an alternative to finding installation services, you can also invest in artificial grass that is easy to install and does not require any special tools, or expert knowledge. You have to make sure you properly follow the instructions given by the manufacturer or vendor to ensure proper installation.


Finding a reliable artificial grass supplier in India is challenging but important to ensure you only get high-quality products that meet your expectations. You should choose a supplier with the help of above mentioned tips that include finding out about the supplier's reputation in the market, the warranty they offer, grass quality and features, and installation services.

At UrbanCart we offer high-quality, high-performance, and self-draining artificial grass that requires low maintenance and is easy to install. So, you can explore our wide range of artificial grass collections to find suitable high-density synthetic grass for your needs.   

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